Trumpets & Galoshes, the sun appears to be smiling down on this little corner of peaceful England. 

I’m another day older.  But no wiser.  Actually I celebrated 29 long and devilish years on earth yesterday.  And in the process I became the proud owner of a bouncing baby camera (Ta to The Blokey).  So, I’ve been enjoying my day off by taking a couple of snapshots and uploading them onto my PC.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be although it did involve some confuggled sighs.  I’m fairly happy with the results of my first attempts …

  … an ickle bit of the back garden …

  … my baby brother (a tad dark, but I’ll get there) …

I realised that I’d been totally missing the point of an advert currently being shown on the television.  It’s for Lipton’s Ice-Tea.  It’s been on for a fair few weeks now and it’s suddenly dawned on me what it’s about.  I am so slow.  I really couldn’t understand all the references to Bingo, Belgium, and older ladies.  For some reason the ending slogan, “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it”, just clicked in my head and some brain cell went into overdrive and I was lost no longer.  The Blokey was joking at the weekend about adding a page to his website where people would just be able to gorge on the silliness of me.  I personally think he’d need a few pages. 

Yesterday I had to send a 13 year old girl out of my lesson because she totally interrupted the flow of things.  It wasn’t just a little disruption she was causing and definitely warranted a telling off.  As she left the room she had the cheek to say something along the lines of “Oh my God, you’re so pathetic”.  It was quite amusing and I did have to bite my tongue to ensure that I didn’t reply to her with a negative comment.  Oh, the youngsters of today.  My wrinkles are showing. 

each night father fills me with dread

when he sits on the foot of my bed;

i’d not mind that he speaks

in gibbers & squeaks

but for seventeen years he’s been dead

from number nine, penwiper mews

there is really abominable news:

they’ve discovered a head

in the box for the bread

but nobody seems to know whose

God Bless Gorey xxx Elsabeth


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