Ouch.  The pain.  Grotesque.  Unfair.  Silly.  At least I managed to get an afternoon off work.  Although it did involve having to call mother dearest so’s I could actually get home.  Yes, Elsabeth has done the “I’m-unbalanced-I-like-to-fall-down-a-lot” thing again.  Only this time it wasn’t my fault and in reality had nothing to do with my balance and everything to do with having to supervise two Year 9 pupils on their journey around school videoing interesting aspects to send to a school in Zambia.  It would appear that the cleaners had just polished the stairs leading from the sports hall to the balcony.  And there was no “Just been cleaned – careful” sign.  Thankfully I was practically near the bottom and just managed to land heavily on my arse resulting in a very painful tailbone which itself has resulted in making it incredibly painful to sit down.  Kids are superb though.  I do spend a lot of my life moaning about them but I can’t fault them today because all morning they were enquiring after my back which was lovely of them. 

This post is mainly here for my benefit in case I’ve damaged my back more than it would appear.  Compensation claims, anyone? 

I have to do some unashamed plugging of The Blokeys site.  Lucky fellow.  What would he do without me?  Hmm, methinks his life would be a lot cheaper.  And he wouldn’t have to worry about my moods on a Sunday morning.  He’d miss me fidgeting in bed and singling tonelessly along to naff songs on the radio in the car though.  We saw Bruce Almighty at the weekend.  Nowt special.  Never really liked Jim Carrey.  The notion behind the film was good though and will be used in my RE lessons in the future.  So, what would you do if you were God, even for only one day?  Two of the kids at school would make sure that cats could get their own back on dogs.  And another decided that all “old” people would be shipped to another country.  I think that the elderly would enjoy that.  Or they might miss the fun of pushing in at the front of queues of younger people and striking up conversations with those of us who really aren’t interested.

I discovered who dies in Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix.  Thank Christ it’s not Snape!  I would very much miss Alan Rickman playing the dastardly Prof. in future films.  I imagine that it won’t really spoil my enjoyment of the book when I finally start reading it in about a week.  Bad child at school for letting it slip.

God Bless Nice & Thoughtful Kiddy-Winks xxx Elsabeth


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