“Oh Jennifer, I think I’ve had an afflatus.”

In a fit of pure boredom and laziness this morning I partook of the opportunity to divulge in some reading of The Radio Times and I discovered an article pertaining to asylum seekers.  So, it got me thinking about my own views of people who feel the need to come to Britain to escape whatever it is they feel the need to escape from.  What is it that they think Britain can offer them?  We rarely have sunshine.  We have an unreliable train service.  Our education system is currently in a state of decline.  Everybody seems to be retiring to Spain.  It never snows anymore.  It always used to snow when I was a nipper.  Never a year went by without a “White Christmas”.  It’s amazing how the memory can adapt to remember what you want it to remember.  Yet I digress.  I have contradictory views on asylum seekers.  This is partly because there are some in the school where I work and I wouldn’t in any way want to undermine their right to a supposedly better lifestyle, but we do seem to be struggling as a nation just with those of our “own” who are homeless/living in poverty/unable to find jobs/etc.  Oh well.

On a seemingly similar note we had some leaflets through the door the other week from the BNP.  These were delivered by a rather jovial looking chap with a shaved head.  He looked like a window cleaner (apologies for the stereotype).  I scared myself by realising that to some extent I agreed with a few of their views. I wasn’t surprised to read that they wish to bring back capital punishment.  I in no way endorse that.  Capital punishment is a mugs game and we have no real need for it.  Life should mean Life rather than a piddling 10 years but we don’t need to be murdering people because they’ve murdered.  An eye for an eye is something which just doesn’t work and never will.  If everybody had that as their mantra for life then the world would be in a state of chaos and personages would be doing what they thought they should be doing which wouldn’t be fun.

Thought for the day … Will I ever learn?

Emode says I’m:  

God Bless those who live lives they don’t like xxx Elsabeth


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