I have a confession to make … I’m a very naughty girl.  I couldn’t resist and so started reading Harry Potter a couple of days ago.  He was still sitting in his Amazon box looking so lonely that I had to retrieve him from nothingness and put him to good use.  But I am limiting myself to about 50 pages per day because I don’t want to finish it before Saturday when I’m off to Devon (mmm, Devonshire Cream Tea’s) with The Blokey.

I went to the doctor last week about my poor ickle “tailbone”.  I felt that I needed to go in case it didn’t heal properly and then I could sue my lovely place of work.  It’s getting better though.  Anyhoo, the doctor was most annoying because he just went on about the fact that my smear test (eugh) was due quite a while ago (he didn’t ask me why I wasn’t having it done, just that I should.  Christ, I loathe things like that … it makes me feel physically sick … in my next life I’d like to be a man so that I can experience life without periods and smears) and also the fact that I smoke.  He wasn’t all that interested in my injury.  Being the shy retiring young lass that I am I didn’t have the nerve to say to him “Look, with all due respect I’m here for my back” so I just gurgled with annoyance inside.  I’m an intelligent woman with a professional position of responsibilty not some 15 year old and I didn’t deserve to be made to feel worthless.  Sod.  I won’t be seeing him again.  I’ll be seeing the lovely Dr Wilkinson who makes me feel valued.  I suppose that if Dr Poole (hell, yes, I’m naming names) had bothered to read my medical notes properly he would have discovered that I’d not long been off anti-depressants and am therefore still quite fragile about things.  Doctors make me ill.

But enough about that.  The holidays are upon us and I don’t have to see the hormonal and snivelling blighters for another five weeks.  Hurrah.  So I’ve been doing some work on a new domain name (studyre.com) and hopefully that will be up and running by the end of the summer holidays.  It’s simply a little site devoted to my teaching.  Maybe I’ll tell the kids about it.  Maybe I won’t.  It still needs a lot of work doing on it but that will get done once I decide I’m in the right frame of mind.

Why isn’t Superdudes working today?!

God Bless Boring Little Blog Entries xxx Elsabeth


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