Aw shucks.  Somebody subscribed to my Xanga.  And yet another person commented on a post with reference to Transvision Vamp.  It makes me all warm and cosy to think that people would do that.  I really must endeavour to do the same.  My problem is that I’m incredibly lazy and quite apathetic and although I keep meaning to do these things I suddenly realise that an hour has passed and I’ve moved on to something else and then I get forgetful and don’t remember where I’ve been or whose thoughts I’ve enjoyed reading.  It’s also nice to know that so many adults use this service!  It can be quite trifling stumbling across some teenagers site and been unable to read what they’ve written due to all the condensed words they feel the need to use.

Tomorrow I go away … for two whole spankingly lovely weeks with The Blokey.  No Internet access.  Oh my gosh, how will I cope?  Actually I know that I can cope.  It’s just a chore when I get home and have to go through all the mails I’ve received and I get all excited because there’s so many and it turns out that 90% of them are junk.  It’s The Blokey who will get withdrawal symptoms. Poor ickle thing.  I really should send him a mumsy mail reminding him to pack his toothbrush and clean boxers.  And I’m currently ranked 46 over at Superdudes but I imagine I’ll be down to about 100 by the time I get to play it again *sob*.

Apparently The Brother in Prague (I can’t believe my niece Emily is now almost 8 months old … I desperately want to see her) might be getting a new contract with the good ol’ BBC which will mean that he’ll be able to translate things like EastEnders (Yay, only a month and then Dirty Den will be back), Top of the Pops and The Weakest Link, among others, into Czech.  Let’s just hope that they have Czech slang which will fit in with words like “geezer”, “innit”, and “But Garry, it’s not your baby”. 

This is a baby … it’s not Garry’s.  It’s Stuart’s (The Brother in Prague).  Isn’t she delightful?  She looks like her mummy, Hana.  Unfortunately it’s a tad old because babies grow so quickly.  But ne’ermind.

Anyhoo, methinks it is time to finish my packing.  And have some lunch.  The tummy has the rumbles.  “I’ll be back…”  Ooh, ooh, Terminator 3 opens in the UK today … *hurrah*.

God Bless Marks & Sparks for letting me buy lots of sexy underwear xxx Elsabeth

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