For the love of Harry Potter … Oh blimey, I have a bone to pick with JK Rowling.  I do love the books, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes my dear she does go a little too far.  There was all the media attention last year about how she’d ‘stolen’ the word ‘muggle’, and now I have to ask if she’s ‘stolen/borrowed’ a character name.  I never would have noticed it but I finished HP whilst in Devon [yes, ickle me is home from my holiday .. *sob* … it’ll be so weird going to bed tonight without being able to snuggle up to The Blokey] and then began to read Reaper Man, by Terry Pratchett.  Thus I became aware of the character Lupine, a werewolf type blokey.  And is there not a character in the Harry Potter books by the name of Lupin?  And is he not an animagous of the werewolf variety?  Aw shucks Jo, there’s a tad too much coincidence there.  I am most disappointed.  But roll on book 6 anyway because I do love the simplicity of the books so.  And Jo, you regurgitated the word “shortly” far too much, many times not even in the right sentence structure.  That’s worrisome. 

*Yummy Ribena*

God Bless two & a half hour traffic jams on the M25 xxx Elsabeth


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