So, what is it about Alan Rickman that turns me on?  The first film I saw him in where he really made me go all topsy-turvy was Dogma [a film in which he had no genitals due to the fact that he was The Voice of God].  Then I read Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone [Excuse me for America-bashing here, but why did they have to change Philosopher to Sorcerer? Was it not a good enough title, or do they know nothing of philosophy across the big ocean?] and for some inexplicable reason I “fell in love” with the wonderful Professor Severus Snape.  Perhaps it was the greasy long hair, the darkly menacing personality, or maybe it was something far more simpler.  Who knoweth the way in which my mind works.  I suddenly understood why the books were so popular.  And thus I realized that the two years I had spent bemoaning HP and declaring that I would never read it [on general principles you understand … anything that can be that popular is too good to be true] had been a waste of time.  I’m very ashamed of myself.

So now I’m fascinated by Snape and I’ve got the hots for Alan Rickman.  And Lo & Behold.  Who gets offered the role of Snape in the film version of the first book.  Yes, my lovelies, the damp-pants-making Mr. Rickman Himself.  Although I was desperate to see the film anyway because I do actually like good ol’ Harry, I was absolutely thrilled to see that Mr. Rickman Himself played the part of Snape exceptionally well.  I declare him worthy of an Oscar.  *Drools*.  It’s a shame that he doesn’t get to make more of an appearance.  JK, sort it out girl. 

Now I’m all moist.

I found this … enjoy it.

God Bless Mr. Rickman Himself xxx Elsabeth

NB – I don’t make a habit of “fancying-the-pants-off” fictional characters.  Alfie Moon is a bit of a sexy geezer though.  And I did love Mr. Benn.  Oh, and I always prefered Dick to Julian.  Dick was full of the promise of adventure.  Julian was an old misery guts.



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