Ah, the end of a blissful weekend.  Well, semi-blissful.  Had a superbly relaxing day at the seaside yesterday and indulged in a pub lunch, a walk along the promenade, and we managed to waste at least a pound on the amusements.  We had another trip to the cinema today (there are just so many films on that we want to see … we should buy shares in the damn place) to see Jeepers Creepers 2.  It was fairly good but not as good as the first.  And my viewing pleasure was dulled somewhat by the constant chattering of a mother with three teenage kids who were sitting behind us.  Fifteen minutes into the film they were still talking and I was rather irked by this time so I had to turn around and in my best teachers voice said something along the lines of: “Excuse me for being rude, but I actually paid to see the film and I would like to be able to listen to it as well”.  It shut them up for a good half hour anyway.  It amazes me that people will pay so much money to see a film in the cinema and then sit there nattering all the way through.  So, I’m definitely considering not bothering going anymore because what’s the point if you can’t enjoy the experience?

My first day back at work on Friday was nerve-wracking but somewhat delightful.  I don’t know why I was so nervous about going back to work.  It must be something to do with being a paranoid worrier.  I met one of my Year 10 classes and they were actually really sweet.  I was worried that that particular lesson was going to be a total disaster due to the fact that it’s “only” RE and it’s the last lesson of the week but I think that it’s going to be quite snug and lovely.  Knowing my luck the Year 10 class that I meet tomorrow will be pure hell of the nastiest kind.

And on more of a girlie note … my lovely long nail at the end of my thumb broke today *sobs hysterically*…

Oh, and The Baby Brother has decided to create his own little slice of Xanga heaven.  He’s a trifle strange, the poor sod.

God Bless Mandarin Yoghurts xxx Elsabeth

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