Fun weekend, but The Blokey has now departed and I really should be in bed sleeping as soon it will be Monday and the beginning of another intriguing week in the educational institute.  Plus I can feel the beginnings of a rotten and very nasty cold coming on.  My throat is throbbing.  We’ve booked tickets to see Al Murray [aka The Pub Landlord] at the end of November, in Cambridge.  That will be a laugh.

On Thursday I was clearing out some of my mess in the garage that I haven’t touched since I came home to live a couple of years ago.  I finally found my dissertation [it was actually under the stairs so really it has nowt to do with the garage] and that means I can get my thoughts on the beginnings of the Mormon Church onto my “professional” site.  But back to the garage … I found a couple of pictures in a box and couldn’t resist getting them scanned –

This horrendous photo was taken in 1987 and reveals what a slob I was at the tender age of thirteen.  I look like a boy for some bizarre reason.  The lass in the lilac trousers was my best mate at the time.  I can’t believe that she’s getting married next year.  We’re so old now.  I absolutely adore my seventies wallpaper.  At the time I loathed it intensely but now I wish I still had it on my bedroom wall.  Rather scarily there appears to be a Morten Harket poster behind my bookcase.  Hmmm. 

Ah, me and my mumsy.  I was ten months old and had a squidgy nose. 

Oh well, enough mindless nothingness that amuses nobody but me  … must sleep now and dream of naughty things.

God Bless my squidgy nose xxx Elsabeth



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