I found this clock on some site today.  I have to admit that it quite disturbed me.  I’ll be honest and say that serial killers and mass murderers have always interested me, but mainly for the psychological aspects rather than the killings themselves.  I was just browsing the Net looking for information on people like Fred West and I came across this as a product that people can buy.  It seems to me that it simply glorifies murder and that doesn’t seem right.  And more to the point, why the hell would someone want that on their wall anyway?  Strange.

When we went to Lakeside on Monday we came across one of those cheap bookshops and so I treated myself to a cute little book all about Bod … remember him?  I read on one site how he gave children nightmares and was an evil little sod.  But I always loved him.  Not as much as Mr Benn, and not like I adored Bagpuss and The Flumps who were all excruciatingly huggable, but there was something special about him and his little band of followers!  It’s a little book called Bod’s Way: The Meaning of Life and I loved it so much that I put it on my site, with no regard whatsoever for copyright issues.  Bad me.  But it fits in and so it’s all good.

At Lakeside we also had the pleasure of seeing Phixx performing ‘LIVE’ on stage.  Did I say ‘live’? Well, they were dancing around and definitely opening their mouths and if it constitutes as ‘live’ when you’re quite definitely miming, then … Later we saw them in WHSmiths where they appeared to be signing autographs and I was a tad annoyed when The Blokey wouldn’t let me queue up!  Who are they anyway? Ah, I have just discovered that they’re from Popstars: The Rivals.  How exciting.  Another groovy boyband.  It makes me want to sing.  At Ikea we bumped into a teacher from school.  It always makes me feel quite freakified bumping into someone who I know lives a good sixty miles away like I do.

The Blokey has booked tickets for us to see the third Matrix film … hmmm.  I’d actually like to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre as well.  See if it’s as scary as the original.  Maybe this weekend.  After our Matrix Fest where we catch up on the last two films.  I quite fancy some Vodka with that. 

Ah well, another day done and dusted.  Tomorrow I must attempt to do some school work ready for next week.  Why, oh why, do the half term holidays fly by so quickly? 

God Bless Ed Gein’s mother for creating a monster xxx Elsabeth



  1. Eww…
    that clock…someone actually designed that…wtf?
    and Phixx…they are probably the most disgusting looking creatures on earth, yuck. poor you haha.
    I love Bagpuss!!!

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