I should be writing a bedtime mail to The Blokey and then toddling off to my cosy Futon but before I do that I wanted to let the online community know what an absolutely superb and wonderful nana I have .  Tomorrow she moves out of her bungalow in a sheltered village and into a private nursing home, and it’s about time too!  She suffers from very bad arthritis and had a stroke a few years ago and so now she can barely move without help.  Mentally though she is as bright as a button.  Despite that, and losing her youngest daughter to breast cancer, followed a few months later by my grandad shortly after they celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary in 2000, she has remained cheerful and happy.  Mother was up in Northampton helping her to sort out her bits and pieces at the weekend and came home with presents.  Nana has given me a beautiful silver brooch that she was given as a gift in 1964 for making the wedding dress of a friend of mums.  It’s gorgeous.  And I’m also now the proud owner of the picture that my grandad painted of me from a photograph when I was about 8.  I’m so chuffed.  And so, despite the fact that I doubt nana has ever used a computer in her tender 88 years, I would like to take the opportunity to thank her for being so wonderful and for giving me my mum.  I can be so soppy when I want to be!  I don’t see her nearly enough …

Today is The Blokey’s 28th birthday.  He’s catching me up.  It’s so nice having a BoyToy … what is it they say?  You’re as young as the man you feel?  We celebrated on Saturday with a trip to see The Matrix Revolutions [it was pretty good.  The Blokey had to spend an age in the pub afterwards explaining it to me because it confuzzled the pants off me], followed by a spankingly yummy meal in Old Orleans, which stuffed me senseless.  I love birthdays.  He loved his presents.  We spent yesterday afternoon in bed .

Today there was a new Year 8 girl in one of my classes.  She’s American.  She’s never done Religious Education before.  It must have been a novelty for her.  Ah, too many short sentences surely suggest a trip to the Land of Nod …

God Bless my nana xxx Elsabeth

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