At the moment I am fascinated by my family tree.  I go through phases where I like to search for ancestors online.  I enjoy looking for people that were members of my family and finidng them as children in census’s and then I get all nostalgic and think how strange it is that once they were children and now they’ve been gone for so long.  That their lives have been lived and they’ve been happy and sad and joyful and had their problems and I never knew about them.  I’m a sentimental twat sometimes .

We have a family rumour about a girl called Gertrude.  She was my great-nanas sister.  My maternal grandad’s aunt.  Sometime in the 1890s she was sent to live in Canada.  When I first heard about this I got all romantic and thought of all soppy reasons why she may have been sent.  Then we discovered that thousands of children were sent to Canada between the 1860s and the 1930s.  They became known as Home Children.  I was reading on the Net the other night about how most of these children came from poor families, or were in “care”, perhaps Dr Barnado’s or something similar, and they were sent to Canada because it was believed that many of them would have the opportunity for a better life over there.  However, if the website is to be believed, many of these children were used as cheap labour and suffered at the hands of those who adopted them.  It was all very sad.  I’d like to think that most of them were happy and settled down to a comfortable life over there.  Anyhoo, we have spent the last few months searching for her name on passenger lists and we have now found someone who could well be her, a Gertrude A* was sent to Canada with Dr Barnado’s in 1899.  The age would be right as well.  She would have been fourteen.  Now the next step is to find out if she married over there.  It’s such a lengthy process, but very fascinating. These two sites are useful (& free!) … genesconnected & Family Search.

I love these pictures.  They’re of my great-nana, Daisy, my maternal nana’s mummy.  In the first she is a snippet of a girl, aged 18 (1905) and in the second she’s with her husband Albert and it was probably just before WWI, hence his uniform…


She passed away when I was six.  But I do share her birthday.  I would have liked to have known her when I was older.  She was a very strong and independent woman. 

Ah well, enough nostalgia for tonight.  I must go to bed.  I need to be ready for a quirky fun-filled Children In Need day tomorrow…

God Bless the ancestors xxx Elsabeth

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