Why is it that when you wake up in the morning and decide that your hair is looking vaguely nonsensical there will be at least four or five people who come up to you throughout the morning and tell you how wonderful your hair is looking?  Are they taking the proverbial or do they mean it?  Ah, the complexities of life. 

The Mother returned from her trip to the Czech Republic on Tuesday with pictures of The Niece. She looks like her mummy (my sister-in-law).  Here she is looking rather cute in her brand new Ikea highchair…


I think I want one.  Baby or highchair?  Who knows …

I got rather addicted to the Nokia game this week.  Bad girl.  Thankfully it will be over very soon.  I keep asking myself why I’m bothering.  It’s not like I’m going to win.

Sometimes I get very happy.  It’s a relief because it’s better than being unhappy.  Although I have been having my down moments for the last couple of weeks but I’m blaming that on the weather.  God forbid I ever have to go back on the tablets.  Anyhoo, sometimes I get very happy and it’s often about things that really have nothing to do with me whatsoever.  The one thing that is making me exceedingly happy this week concerns a nipper at school.  She’s in her teens and she suffers from epilepsy so she’s on medication.  For the last couple of years she just hasn’t been with it.  She never spoke to anyone, she never knew where she was going, she got lost between classes, she had no friends and she didn’t like talking to staff.  All of a sudden, about three weeks ago, everything changed.  This blank look left her face and she became all giggly and chatty.  She talks to the other pupils.  She laughs.  She jokes.  She has the most amazing personality.  She’ll raise her hand and call out to staff when she needs help with something.  She always understands what she’s doing now.  It was a transformation that happened over night and all it took was a change of and/or decrease in her medication.  She even recognises the changes herself … when someone asked her about whether her medication had been changed she replied, “Yes, it’s great isn’t it?”.  It’s left me with this really happy and yet also slightly sad [to think that she spent all those years in her own little world and all the time there was this amazing personality wanting to jump out and be “normal”] feeling in the pit of my stomach.  It’s just lovely. 

God Bless Bubbles xxx Elsabeth


  1. Visitor #1000! Who-hoo!!!
    I’ve had the same medication experience loads of times with the people I work with. 90% of them are still on old major tranquillizers, and exist in a half-asleep world; give them new anti-depressants/anti-psychotics, and they’re suddenly someone completely different.

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