Today I was walking along the road on the way to the hairdressers in my middle-class-keeping-up-with-the-Jones’ village when I passed an old geezer with a walking stick.  He smiled at me merrily and with a twinkle in his eye he bade me a cheery “Hello”.  Bless him.  I don’t know him from Adam.  I do like it when people do that.  It’s much better than those youngsters of today who get to the bus stop after me and then have the audacity to get on the bus at the same time as me and push past to get to the driver first.  The young lady who did that made me so mad.  I expect it from old people, and indeed I can’t wait to reach a mature age myself so that I can do the same thing, but she was only a couple of years younger than me.  Humph.

Ah, the hairdresser.  Going to the hairdresser is tantamount to going to the dentist.  Or even the doctor.  For me anyway.  I just can’t bear it, but I know that it needs to be done so I grit my teeth and toddle along in the full knowledge that once it’s over I won’t have to go back for a few weeks.  I don’t understand what they say.  I really don’t.  It’s all gobbledygook.  I think that I wish they would instantly know what I want done and then I wouldn’t have to explain and I sound so pansy when I’m trying to explain what I want done to my hair.  Then they start getting all technical on me and I just have to sit there and feebly nod my head as though I understand totally.  And they always have such lovely hair…

It’s Thursday evening – late night shopping!.  That can mean only one thing … Time to hit the shops and get the last of my Christmas shopping done.  And clothes.  I need posh clothes to impress the colleagues of The Blokey at his Christmas bash next week.  The Baby Brother has already indulged in his Christmas Party with work.  On the 2nd.  Isn’t that a trifle early?  Ah well …

Earlier in the week The Big Brother sent me a couple of snapshots of The Niece, Emily.  Here she is with her very grumpy friend Vendula.  Emmy has the most amazing eyes … She’s the smiley one on the left.

God Bless Czech babies xxx Elsabeth


  1. When I worked at Willis a few years ago, they were having Xmas parties in the top-floor cafe at the rate of one a week.
    Which, given the size of the building, meant the parties started in September and continued to February. [Ours, Accounts, was in late January, if I recall correctly.]

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