This morning I learnt that my auntie Terri, my dads half-sister, is extremely ill with lung cancer .  She was apparently diagnosed in the summer and is now in hospital.  It made me sob because I adored her so much when I was little but I haven’t seen her since 1996 and that was at my nanas funeral.  I’ve been thinking about her all day.  She let me drink Martini’s when I was a nipper. She is a fabulous woman. 

Yesterday the man who knocked down and killed, whilst under the influence of a combination of heroin and cocaine, two boys from the school where I work was sentenced to ten years in prison.  That’s five years for each life he stole.  I didn’t actually know the boys particularly well as I’d only been working there for five months at the time, but I was in a couple of classes with one of them.  I still remember the last thing he said to me.  “Go away – I don’t need any help”.  His teacher had asked me to hover around him to keep him working rather than messing about and I suppose that didn’t do much for his street-cred!  I expect that I’ll always remember that.  It’s funny how we can remember the most trivial things.

On a happier note I’m off to Cambridge tomorrow for The Blokeys works party.  What fun.  I’m a little apprehensive actually, being the shy, quiet chick that I am .  I’m sure a few vodka’s will liven me up though.  It’s just a shame that I have to get up for work on Friday.  And why couldn’t that traffic nightmare around town have been on Friday?  I could have missed my horrible Year 8 class.  That would have been a definite bonus.  Ah well ….

God Bless my Auntie Terri xxx Elsabeth 


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