Today The Little Brother got a card in the post from The Father.  So this is dedicated to The Man who fails to remember that he has a daughter.  What is it with men who leave their families and then expect the children to be the ones that keep in contact?  I can only presume that The Little Brother sent him a card.  Yes, it hurts.  Not much, but it hurts.  Actually the last card he sent me, about three years ago, got torn up and thrown in the bin.  So I’m a bit of a hypocrite really I suppose.  My way of coping is to aknowledge the fact that he loved my mum enough at one time to produce me and to recognise that I put as much effort as I could into being his daughter until I realised that it was all one-sided and learnt to live with the idea that he values his step-daughters more than he values me.  It’s difficult to explain.  I just hope that I never give my children the mixed messages he left with me. 

Ah, but tis almost Christmas.  Forty-five minutes queuing in Tesco is a bit of a drain really.  And the wrapping of presents is always a nightmare.  And why can’t I stop buying presents for people?  I saw the cutest little Wizards Starter Kit yesterday so I just had to buy it for William.  It’s going to be so much fun having the nephews here for Christmas Day.  Christmas is definitely about the kiddies.

There is no snow left.  It snows, then it melts within twenty-four hours.  Ah, the bliss of living in England!  The only snow left in the village appears just down the road where little Laura and her friends built a miniature snowman.  I loved building snowmen when I was a tiddler.  Why doesn’t it snow so much these days? 

So much to do, so little time to do it …

God Bless Reindeer xxx Elsabeth



  1. Similar to this type of father is the type who sticks around but shows no affection whatsoever to anyone. This type of father merely uses your home to sleep. He barely speaks to his wife and children and if he does it’s in anger. This father’s daughter has few childhood memories that feature him, and the few she has are not great.This would be my father. I often wonder if he was normal when they first got married and something changed or if my mom was just crazy and married him like he was.As for no snow…I know what you mean. I blame El Nino. That’s probably not it, but it’s what I’m blaming it on. And I do mean blame, because I REALLY REALLY wanted a white Christmas this year. And instead it’s going to be like 60 degrees. Feh.Have fun with the little kiddies and Merry Christmas!

  2. i kinda miss tesco. especially tesco teabags, because i can’t find any i like as much back here in the states.
    and i buy presents for people and then keep buying other things… especially for my best friend who usually ends up getting like 5 presents from me.

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