Goodness gracious – it’s that time of the week again.  Time for Friday Five

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .

1. …today?

I have a date … with The Mother *chuckle*.  We’re off to see Return of the King (at last).  I’ve taken her to see the previous two films so I thought it best that I go with her to see the final instalment.  Hopefully she’ll pay .

2. …over the next week?

Um … going back to work on Tuesday?  I get used to the routine.  Working in the education system is good because of all the holidays. Actually having holidays at set points during the year can get quite tiresome – going away is always more expensive and you know that when you make the effort to go into town you’re more than likely to bump into kids in the shops.  It would be nice to choose when I want my time off work.  Oh well…

3. …this year?

Too many things.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that myself and The Blokey will get to move in together at some point .

4. …over the next five years?

Here’s a novel way to tempt fate … Marriage, babies, mortgage.  Let’s just hope The Blokey doesn’t read this – wouldn’t want to scare him off…

5. …for the rest of your life?

Growing old gracefully.

God Bless Legolas xxx Elsabeth 


  1. Yes, Yes! God bless Legolas indeed! Like the new look, by the way. Though that picture of the person I assume is you is slightly evil and disconcerting.

  2. oh my gosh!  i used to have almost these exact same colors!
    okay.. today: honestly.. going to bed.  i have a headache right now.
    next week: deciding whether i will stay with the hospital or go to the bank which has been begging for me for over a year.  then, if i stay with the hospital, i will going on a work related trip in June that will enable me to see my brother for the first time in nearly eight years and the rest of my family for the first time in about five years. (i have to decide this week because Tom will have to know this week if he needs to put in for those days for vacation in order to come with me)
    this year: obtaining a proper nurse’s uniform dress in hunter green… or at least being able to dye one in a color that my hospital considers hunter green.  i refuse to wear scrubs.
    next five: getting out of Purgatory!!!!!!!
    rest of my life: living happily ever after.

  3. Yup, agree with you about the end of ROTK…all very nice etc but very dragged out…and I was most disturbed when Aragorn started singing…
    Still, watched the extended version of the Two Towers over the weekend, that was fab…

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