Goodness Golly Gosh.  It’s been a while but then I’ve been frightfully busy –  I’ve been playing Neopets.  Of course, it does take precedence over Xanga  .  Actually I’ve been feeling a little miserable for a couple of weeks now.  It’s all to do with Christmas I think.  It’s usually such an anti-climax.  Hells Bells, only another eleven and a half months and then we can go through it all again. 

Anyhoo, today I was marking some homework that I set my Year 8s shortly before Christmas.  We looked at Jesus and what made him unique enough to be remembered for all this time, particularly if he wasn’t the Son of God [for those of you who think I’m just into indoctrinating little kiddies … it’s not true!  They know I’m an agnostic and I always stress that I’m not telling them what to believe: we’re looking at what other people believe and why they believe it ] and we considered what he would be like if he was alive today.  We decided that he would work with people who are less fortunate and he would definitely be friends with ‘outsiders’ – those people that others don’t want to befriend for whatever prejudiced reason they may have.  Their homework was then to write a poem exploring what it must be like to be someone who is shunned by many of the people in contemporary society.  I wasn’t expecting great pieces of poetry.  But then maybe my expectations aren’t high enough…

People call me an outsider
I don’t know why
I huddle up in the corner of the playground
Until I cry.

Playing alone, feeling uncool
Talking to myself until the end of school.

Time to go in
People pushing and shoving
Kids take the mickey
When I’m coming.

I thought this was quite poignant.  And it also reminded me that even the “popular” kids can sometimes feel alone.  Or they at least have empathy for those who genuinely feel that way.  I often forget how difficult everything seemed at that age…

Hungry now.

God Bless R for copying out poems in her detention xxx Elsabeth


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