Blast, it’s Friday again.  The weeks are just simply flying by …

You have just won one million pounds [This was dollars but pounds are better and give you more for your money.  So to speak.]:

1. Who do you call first?

The Mother.  Or possibly The Blokey.  Depends entirely upon who is with me, and who isn’t, at the time. 

2. What is the first thing you buy for yourself?

A very big house in the country. With a swimming pool.  And in a Broadband area.  And then I’d tootle on down to Ikea for a shopping frenzy.

3. What is the first thing you buy for someone else?

Assuming that The Blokey wants to share my house and Ikea furniture then I’d spend money on The Mother first and buy her whatever she wanted.  Within reason obviously.

4. Do you give any away? If yes, to whom?

That’s a rather daft question.  I’d probably end up giving most of it away.  Well, maybe not most, but a fair few pounds would be shared amongst all my family members.  I’m more likely to buy them presents than give them the money though.  That’s just the sort of lass that I am .

5. Do you invest any? If so, how?

I’d invest some in The Baby Brothers business and then he’d be able to give up his day job and dedicate himself to making lots of animated films and greeting cards and all sorts of things and so he’d be rich.  And that would make me happy.  It wouldn’t be greedy-wow-he’s-rich happy, it would be thank-goodness-he-made-it-and-is-now-happy happy!  And then we’d be able to open our little coffee / Internet / book / art / buy-everything-you can-see shop which has been a distant and unobtainable dream for a few years.

Ah, tis nice to spend some minutes of the day just dreaming…

This happened on Wednesday –

Yes, it snowed.  Fandanglydoogly.  And yes, my camera is taking some rather blue pictures at the minute.  Cripes.  Anyhoo, back to the snow.  We must be the laughing stock of Europe.  Or possibly the entire world.  I know a Scottish person who laughs at us.  And obviously The Big Brother laughs at us because they have snow for most of the winter, and temperatures of below freezing, in Eastern Europe.  We had no more than two inches in my neck of the woods and we were probably the place in the UK with the least snow.  But listening to the radio on Wednesday morning you would have been forgiven for presuming that the End of the World was nigh.  Because most of the damn secondary schools in town were closed.  Only two were officially open [ie: they weren’t mentioned on the local radio as being closed] and one of them appeared to be the school I work in.  None of the primary schools were closed and two rural secondary schools in the area were also open despite the fact that pupils have to get the bus there and back.  And they don’t have to do that in most of the towns in school.  Most of the kids live within walking distance.  So we arrive at school on Wednesday morning to discover that all the staff managed to get in, despite some of them having to travel about thirty miles, and yet only about one third of the kids had bothered!  These nippers are so cheeky.  Actually it was quite nice because they decided to close the school as so few pupils came in.  So I got a day off.  It just amazes me that they had to close the schools at all.  For two inches of snow?  It’s most chucklesome. 

What little snow was left on the ground this morning had melted away under the strength of the sun by the time I arrived home from work.  Looks like I’ll have to wait a whole year for another snow-fueled day off work then …

God Bless Blue Pictures xxx Elsabeth



  1. I presume you are using a digital camera, if you are then the blue effect is down to something called “white balance”. White from the sun is a different shade of white from that of a light bulb, check out white balance in your camera manual. You may also be finding things overly red or orange inside the house sometimes too.

  2. I’m definitely doing this Friday Five in my next blog. I’ve been thinking about this very situation quite a bit lately. Can’t help you with the blue problem, but it looks like ibizaboy has gotcha covered.Snowed here too, as you know. It’s it’s supposed to do it again. I’d really like to get some things done and I just haven’t been able to.Happy Weekend!

  3. i LiKe uR xAnGa…If u dUn gOt pRemIum dEn hOw dId u GeT tHaT iNnEr CHilD pIc oN uR pAgE? WaSS tHe sItE u gOt iT fRoM? wErE dId u gEt uR cOdEs 4 cHanGeN tHinGs fRoM? I SouNd lIkE An iDiOt…iLL sHup Up NoW…

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