Being poorly always makes me feel guilty.  I’m the sort of person who will definitely try to struggle into work despite any ailments.  This is quite possibly because of all the days I had off sick a couple of years ago.  But sometimes you just need a day off, yes?  And so I am trying to relax and hoping that today will speed up my recovery from this dastardly bug that has decided I’m a willing target.  Sheesh.

Yesterday we had a delightful girly night out.  A drink in Edward’s followed by a short trek to The Regent to see Saturday Night Fever.  I’m not all that fussed with the style of music – I think that I would have been a punk had I been around in the late seventies – but the evening was jolly good and a laugh, which is just what was needed after a horrid day spent in stuffy and smelly classrooms in the company of horrid youngsters.  Actually I say horrid but at least three of the little babes asked me if I was feeling ok so they do care, they do! 

I have a new toy.  I am so naughty.  I suppose that right now you’re expecting me to say that I treated myself to a Rabbit, but no – the truth is far less exciting I’m afraid.  I’ve been feeling rather ashamed of my Nokia 3410 for a while now and I’ve been desperate for a phone that actually has a little more oomph.  So I paid one hundred much loved pounds to upgrade to a Samsung E700.  And it’s absolutely gorgeous.  And scrummy.  And it’s all really exciting.  I’m so happy. 


And now it is time to depart this horrifyingly addictive part of my life, gather my massive duvet up in my arms, make myself a Lemsip, snuggle up on the sofa in front of the telly, and watch the first episode of the third series of Six Feet Under which The Blokey had to video for me last week because I couldn’t watch it.  Ah, and there should also be some bizarre comedy to watch too … *Sighs Blissfully* …

God Bless new toys that make me gush xxx Elsabeth



  1. OoOoOoOohhhh!!!! We saw that show when we were in England! I still have the playbill! Alyson (yo_amo_pollo) can back me up. It was much fun even though I’m not insane about that type of thing.Isn’t that exciting! I’ve been in the same place you have! Only…years earlier. What seat were you in? I’ve got my ticket thingie too. Ooh, hang on, lemme find it…Oh. Darn. You say you saw it at the Regent? We were at the Palladium.But still…that’s way cool.

  2. Cool phone, myslef have just upgraded to a panasonic gd87 camera phone, at condsideralbe cost, then the husband decided he wanted a new one too, he got a nokia 5100, total cost 300 smackeroonies between us, LOL

  3. I just left a really long comment for you, and its been lost someplace in the dark corners of xanga…I just want to cry now…
    oh well….I’m not doing it again….
    I DID say get better soon though duckie

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