Why is it that within fifteen minutes of walking into a shop I can walk away with a fully working phone due to the endeavours of the Silly Fool [who is now not a Silly Fool – I felt like bowing to him on my way out] because I was right all along [as the customer always is] and I just needed someone with more power than me to point this out to Singlepoint?  Two weeks of expensive phone calls and being shunted from one person to another, and all I needed to do was go into the shop and get them to phone the Silly Buggers and get the block on my phone lifted.  Singlepoint are Silly Buggers. Fancy not listening to me.  However, Phones4U are smashing.  Not that I’ll be using them next year to upgrade my phone.  But they were incredibly lovely and helpful, which rather goes against the grain because they’re supposed to be useless twats.  Bless them. 

I became rather irked earlier as I decided to browse Google™ with a mind to discovering something useless [holidays can be rather dull, especially when you’re waiting for the birth certificate of your great-grandmother to arrive as you desperately want to know her mother’s maiden name so that you can delve into that part of the family, and it was supposed to arrive yesterday, and so it seems that the post-lady has dropped it somewhere, or that there were too many Valentine’s for the Post People to cope with and so there’s a back-log of really interesting stuff with your name on it sitting in some dusty back room somewhere].  So I decided that my useless search would focus on the boy with the scar on his forehead.  Really I wanted to know when the film is due out [my gosh, June??] but I found a site with a “mistakes” page.  So I read it.  And laughed.  It made me happy to realise that there’s some little kid somewhere sitting in his bedroom reading the books over and over again [probably with a torch and under the bedclothes], making copious and irrelevant notes about books that he/she loves dearly.  And as far as I could tell only about two of the listed mistakes were really mistakes.  The rest were just this little kid reading too much into silly things that are of no consequence.  And then I realised that in all actuality a lot of things on the Net are of no consequence anyways.  Which would suggest that I must spend too much time on here and not enough time doing super and wonderful things.

I shall rectify that with immediate effect … Tally-Ho.

God Bless Nice Chaps in Phones4U xxx Elsabeth


  1. You didn’t think I was a psycho ‘at first’ … So you did end up thinking I was a psycho then? Well charming, I love you too! (Probably just confused everyone that reads this haven’t I?)

  2. It has nothing to do with what kind of person I think you are. My mind automatically flocks to that area. And it was next to the word “frolic,” which can easily be misconstrued…in my mind, anyway.Glad you got your cell phone thing worked out. Companies like that can be real pains in the patooty.

  3. Ooops, forgot to mention HP.I agree with you, a lot of things on the internet are pointless crap, but a lot of times it’s fun to just think about it. Particularly HP stuff. It is possible to go too far, though.

  4. glad ypou got your phone working
    is that the bauhaus of the eighties you are listening to, or late 70s, my sister was mad on them, i only liked one of their tunes, but it was so cool, cant tihnk what it is now

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