It’s amazing how much you can miss doing something when it suddenly becomes something that you can’t do.  So, despite it now being Saturday morning, here’s my rather late FridayFive

What was…

1. …your first grade teacher’s name?

I never had a first grade teacher because I was never in first grade.  How’s that for a pedantic statement?  I did, however, have a reception class teacher.  Her name was Miss Denison.  She was an angel and I adored her.  A couple of years later she became my teacher again.  She was very young but seemed very old to me when I was four/five.  I imagine that she must now be approaching fifty.  Ook.

2. …your favourite Saturday morning cartoon?

Cripes.  I remember that me and The Baby Brother used to watch the telly in mum’s bedroom on a Saturday morning whilst she was doing the housework downstairs.  But this could only have been on rainy days because we spent most of our time outdoors playing.  Or it might have been very early in the morning.  But we used to watch The Smurfs and Mr T.  Fun times.  And all in Black & White.

3. …the name of your very first best friend?

I had a lot of friends when I was little and I don’t think that I favoured any of them over the others.  There was Gayle who lived around the corner.  But she moved when we were about seven.  And Rachel who also lived around the corner and I played on my roller skates with her.  She had posh ones and mine were rather naff.  My best friend, through no choice of my own, was probably Emma when I was about two because we practised our developing social skills on each other. 

4. …your favourite breakfast cereal?

I have never been too keen on cereal.  We used to get full-fat milk delivered by the milkman in the days when it was ok to get it.  If you didn’t shake the bottle properly then the cream floated at the top and the cream made me feel ill.  I’m not sure why.  So I was more of a toast child.  And I still am.  However, there were, and still are, times when I was partial to Rice Krispies.

5. …your favourite thing to do after school?

Depended on my mood.  I would play with my Sindy’s.  Or read.  Or tell my mummy about my day.  And if I watched telly it had to be the children’s programmes on the BBC because I couldn’t bear ITV.  But not Blue Peter because I never could stand that.  I was very picky as a nipper.  There might be an opportunity to have tea at a friends house.  I’d play My Little Pony with Sharon.  I just remembered that.  Or there would be clubs – Brownies or swimming.  I was easily pleased and I don’t think I had a favourite thing to do after school until I was about eleven.  At which point me and Michelle discovered boys …

So, today we go shopping.  Rings & Things .  And tonight we tell The Mother.  Tomorrow we tell The Blokey’s Family.  Then we get to tell everybody else that we physically know.  I’ve been dying to tell mumsy all week but I wanted The Blokey to be present and we did want to have a ring in place already.  It’s been a mad week.  But mad weeks are good because they pass by so quickly  …

Happy Weekends xxx Elsabeth



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