I can’t cook.  I have been known to burn pasta and let the water disappear when I’m boiling eggs.  So I was vaguely delighted on Wednesday evening when I managed to bake some rather delicious cheese scones.  Yummy …

I don’t like Bad Mornings.  Bad Mornings tend to stress me out for the entire day.  My Year 8 class were very naughty this morning.  It was an I-desperately-want-to-burst-into-tears-and-walk-away-from-the-buggers kind of lesson.  But I persevered.  Explained the lesson.  They managed to remain silent for a bit.  Then one of them shouts out, “So, what am I supposed to be doing, Miss?”. 


The only consolation I have is that they are one of the worst classes in the school.  But they still make me feel like a failure.   

And then I had an amazingly fantastic lesson with my Year 10s this afternoon and I was reminded of the reason I went into teaching.  Bless. 

It be Friday.  How squelchingly lovely …

1. What was the last song you heard?

Um, we had the radio on in a Year 7 Science lesson this morning and I vaguely remember hearing Robbie Williams’ Millenium playing.

2. What were the last two movies you saw?

My memory has no recollection.  It is very bad.  I do believe that we bought, and then watched, Chasing Amy at the weekend.  The only other film I can remember watching recently is Dogma, two weeks ago.  I love that film.  Alan Rickman … *swoons and gets rather damp*. 

3. What were the last three things you purchased?

*Shrugs* … Maybe ingredients for my scones.  Bigger purchases would have included lipstick and eye-shadow.  And a watch for Mother’s birthday.

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?

[i] Pick up my engagement ring because apparently there was a phone call today to say that it’s ready . [ii] RSVP an invitation. [iii] Watch some more episodes of the comedy Spaced.  I only discovered it a couple of weeks ago when I was rifling through The Baby Brothers DVD collection in a fit of boredom and now I can’t believe that I missed it when it was on the telly. Ah, Simon Pegg.  Now I remember where I’ve seen the chap from Black Books, which was on last night and was vomit-inducingly funny.  Ooh, and he’s in that Shaun of the Dead film that’s out soon.  It’s amazing what you can learn from Google. [iv] Um, have lots of fun with The Blokey and a Chinese take-away. 

5. Who are the last five people you talked to?

The Blokey [via text … it counts, no?]; The Bunny; Some ants that have found their way into the kitchen; The Mother; Some kid at school who shouted “Goodbye” across the playground as I was being picked up from work.


This arrived in my inbox this afternoon … how cutesoid. 

The bombings in Madrid yesterday made me feel rather sad and digusted in the Human Race.  It still amazes me that we never learn from our mistakes.  And I never can understand the reasoning behind killing lots of people … *shudders*.  It’s worrying that it’s part of our nature …

I fancy some ice-cream …

God Bless Socks xxx Elsabeth



  1. Wait, is that…Oh my god that’s Michael Jackson! lolAs for Stan…yes, he’s frightening. He’s evil. He can fire me in half a second. He’s made everyone who works there cry. He is the reason I did not want to go back.

  2. my grandparents and dad (and of course his siblings) are from the UK, they lived in Nottingham until 1968.
    i just wanted to let you know that, and that i love my grandmother’s scones.  none of my friends here (as in, the US) know what they are since i guess it’s kind of a british thing (dunkin donuts here tried to make scones, but it’s just not the same), so they make fun of me for eating them.
    uh, yeah, anyway, i just wanted to tell you that.  mmm…scones. 
    oh, by the way, i found your site on xanga’s main page as “recently updated” so this is a random comment for you. 

  3. damn kids…=P  I totally respect teachers…they have the most thankless job.  Bless your yr 10 for reminding you why you chose this profession.  =)
    hehehe…I like those friday fives…if I ever remember to, I’ll do those.  I like answering fun questions =)
    yes, ice cream would be quite lovely right now! 
    Have a great weekend! Karina

  4. you are a brave woman.  i’m not sure most people have the balls to teach children!  just think of it that way & you’ll never feel like a failure, eh? 
    i love alan rickman’s voice.  have you ever seen the ‘king of the hill’ episode in which he’s a guest-voice?  it’s hilarious, and he does a fantastic texas accent!

  5. I know what you mean, even if they are the worst class in school, you still feel that YOU should be able to get through to them … well I do anyway … the snuffles are starting to subside … fingers crossed they’ll stay away for Easter too!

  6. About the frustrating class: my friend is in teaching practice and recently described exactly this situation; I can only imagine how stressful it can be. Glad the year 10 group cheered you up.

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