My ring is now mine.  And it fits snuggly.  And now I can show it off to everyone.  And I won’t worry about it slipping off when I wash my hands, and disappearing down the plug-hole.  Superb .

We had an extremely lazy weekend.  But then if you can’t be lazy sometimes life would get a tad tedious, would it not?  It was slightly productive though because a trip to Waterstones yesterday resulted in me being able to buy three books for the price of two.  This now means that I’ll be a happy bunny … at least for a week or so, or however long it takes me to read them. 

Anyhoo, one of them is a book about a fifteen year old with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism.  It has the wonderful title of The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-Time.  At school we have a couple of kids with this, and because the book is written from the boys point of view I felt that it would give me more understanding of it.  And having only read the first thirty pages or so [The Blokey was sleeping and I was unable to sleep so I thought I may as well make some sort of start] I am pleased to say that it’s an intriguing and fascinating insight into having to live life with all the complexities surrounding being autistic.  I do wonder whether everybody has some form of autistic tendancies.  Whether it’s simply a part of being human, and some people are just more sensitive.  Autism is such a wide and varied spectrum anyways, and many people become obsessed with things, or find tactile people difficult to cope with, are claustrophobic, have problems processing information … in fact I do believe that to some extent I have just described myself .  I’m hoping that the novel will give me some knowledge of how to cope with some of the ways in which the couple of kids with autism at school behave and process their thoughts.  It’s one of my Things To Do that I discussed at my appraisal.  And it’s strange to think that just ten, maybe even only five years ago, there would have been such stigma attached to sending autistic children to a main-stream school …

“I rolled back onto the lawn and pressed my forehead to the ground again and made the noise that Father calls groaning. I make this noise when there is too much information coming into my head from the outside world. It is like when you are upset and you hold the radio against your ear and you tune it halfway between two stations so that all you get is white noise and then you turn the volume right up so that this is all you can hear and then you know you are safe because you cannot hear anything else.”

Hardware is on.  I must leave for a belly-full of laughs.  Martin Freeman.  Yum.  And 2DTV … George Bush and Tony Blair at their best

Enjoy your week …

God Bless Dogs xxx Elsabeth


  1. Ooooh, I recognize that book! It’s nominated for Best British book of 2003. (Along with OOTP, of course)A friend of mine counseled a child with autism. It was really rough for her. She was always exhausted when she came home and she’d start adopting some of his behaviours because they spent so much time together.That same friend was telling another friend (who is not exactly world-wise) and I about Asperger’s and out of the blue my other friend says, “What are ass burgers?”I could not stop laughing, especially when I said, “Brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘buns’ doesn’t it?”Oh, and…WE WANT PICTURES OF THE RING!!!

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