My precioussssss … Well, I tried.  And I couldn’t do it.  My camera was having none of it.  I did get a nice picture of my tartan jim-jams.  But no ring.  However …

Yes, I like playing with all the features on photo editors.  It is the ring.  And now you know that it’s not unique.  Shucks … someone somewhere has the same ring as me.  But it sparkles.  It’s all twinkly winkly.  And it’s teeny tiny.  And we chose it together.  And it was rather expensive [more than I was thinking it would be].  The diamond is actually a class E and apparently the highest you can get is a class D.  And most people have less than an E.  I think the Nice Jeweller Chap said that the average was an I.  So, me is happy.  And I love it.  And I will wear it Forever.  And now I will cry.  It’s very emotional …

I have been waving around in the faces of pupils at school but very few have noticed *sob*.  One Year 10 girl made a Song and Dance about it and gushed forth with the congrats and compliments for a full five minutes whilst she should have been searching for digestive system bits and bobs on the Net.  Then she insisted that she just had to be my bridesmaid because she’s been a bridesmaid before and she was very good.  Um.  Yep.  I explained very gently that when I do get married it will probably be a very quiet affair with no bridesmaids.  And I wasn’t lying.  I’m not into all the frills and I hate having the attention on me so to be the centre of attention for an entire day would just freak me out …

And yes, I shall now Shut Up

On Sunday we had a visit from the JWs.  At least, I think it was them.  Now I don’t really mind people knocking at the door asking me if I want to know about the Bible.  I realise that I have two choices.  I can either just not answer the door [this works best if you’ve seen them coming up the garden path beforehand] or I can answer the door, smile sweetly, say “No thank you, Goodbye” and then wave as they go.  I did the latter.  I do this because when I was teaching in Essex we had about twenty kids who came from JW families.  And I used to hear the most horrid stories from these kids about the way that the general public treated them.  They spoke of being sworn at and threatened and I found it quite upsetting.  I understand that there are those that will try to stick a foot in the door and pester you for ages, but I’ve never come across them.  Maybe I’m just lucky.  Then again, maybe they simply don’t like the look of me

Anyhoo, it reminded me of the Summer of 1995 when I was to blame for a host of religious people turning up in my village and knocking on unsuspecting doors.  I was about to begin the final year of my University Degree and I needed to find a topic for my dissertation.  Because my major was Religious Studies it obviously had to be religion related.  I was interested in cults/sects/NRMs [call them what you will] and other, more established, offshoots from the main Christian denominations.  As an aid to help me decide which of them I wanted to study in detail I chose to write to about ten different organisations.  And I do believe that I heard back from every single one of them.  I still have it all in the loft somewhere. 

About three weeks later there was an influx of groups of people walking through the village.  Some of them prayed by the wall of my house.  I often wonder how many people I helped to convert that summer.  And whether I should write to the organisations and demand commission … 

In the end I chose to do my dissertation on Joseph Smith and the Mormon Church.  You can read it here.  But don’t.  It will probably bore you to tears, as dissertations are apt to do.  I chose the topic because I was feeling rebellious.  The Father and the Step-Mother had converted to the LDS Church a few years previously and I wanted to reveal to them that it was wrong of them to have done so.  It doesn’t bother me now.  The last I heard The Father was inactive.  And they can believe what they wish … It doesn’t make them any less human.  Besides, they were a great help.

Oh, if anyone ever decides that they desperately want to contact the Scientologists then I can only recommend that you push the idea as far back as you can and try to forget about it.  I’m sure that they are lovely.  Really.  John Travolta?  Well, he’s ok.  But I suffered about two years of phone calls and letters from them.  They just wouldn’t let up.  I think they got bored with me eventually though.  Thank golly gosh. 

I have nothing against other religions.  I value and tolerate all people and I love finding out about other beliefs.  The debates, the arguments, the unique cultures … it all excites me.  But I don’t like it when scary people constantly phone me … humph. 

This turned into a longer post than I otherwise anticipated.  I can only apologise.  Profusely. 

God Bless Research xxx Elsabeth


  1. Hm. The JW’s ’round your way may well be quite docile, but in my last place in Ipswich all the denominations were quite pushy [especially the Pentecostal at the top of the street]. Only the phrase “Fuck off I’m Buddhist”, which would not please the Dalai Lama, got them to go.
    It’s alright for those of us with enough assertion to resist these people, but – for instance – a lot of people with mental health problems don’t have the same skills. I know of several poor souls who’ve been lured into the arms of some dodgy cult-like religions, and have been psychologically beaten to the point of readmission to hospital.

  2. hey hey!
    ooooh….it’s puuuuurty!  truth be told, my ring wasn’t extravagant either, but we chose it together and it was perfect for me.  =)  and that’s all that matters…
    I had 6 bridesmaids…you’re wise to go without.  they’re more of a pain in the ass than anything else! ;)  *shuush* don’t tell them I said that!  hehehe
    Ever since I took a job that required making sales calls, I’ve been a lot nicer to telemarketers, JW, etc.  I politely decline and I don’t hang up on anyone…cuz I remember how it felt to be hung up on…I used to cry after work…lol.
    I tolerate all religion as long as they don’t force their beliefs on me.  And believe me, after Marcus died, many of well meaning folks at work, school, etc tried their hardest to tell me different beliefs they had…it was quite irritating.
    ok, this is a pretty lenghty comment, so I think I’ll stop!  =P

  3. Your ring is very pretty.  I’m a fan of smaller, simple, and yet high quality things myself.  And sounds like you got a good one!  :)  Of course, finding the guy that you pick the ring out with is the best part, I’m sure…

  4. Don’t apologize…I love long posts. Your ring is pretty close to what I want. Just one solitaire, square. Simple silver band possibly with some poignant phrase written on the inside. Nothing too flash. Absolutely perfect. I don’t think my family has ever been visited by a JW or anyone like that. Which is odd, because when I was a child I lived in a neighborhood where they probably would have been welcome.

  5. I’m not sure if Eastenders comes on BBC America or not. I only had access to it for a couple of days. But the show is pretty popular so I’m sure it’s on there somewhere.

  6. that ring rocks! 
    i’ve always wondered about scientology.  i mean, a church that has separate churches just for their celebrity brethren (AND was created so a failed sci-fi writer could have and control a fan base) is the church for me!  only joking of course.  that was a little mean of me *giggle*

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