When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth …

I didn’t realise that Dawn of the Living Dead had been re-made.  I also didn’t realise that it was previewing this weekend at my local cinema [it’s not released here in England till next week … it’s been suggested that it will make more money than The Passion of the Christ, also due for release next weekend].  So when The Blokey arrived yesterday morning and mentioned it I couldn’t resist happily toddling along with him to see if Dawn of the Dead is as good as the original. 

I have very diverse tastes when it comes to films.  If I think I’ll enjoy it then I’ll watch it.  A few of my favourites include Badlands, The Breakfast Club, Blade, Final Destination, Mary Poppins, The Lost Boys, Amelie, Titanic, About A Boy, HP, Donnie Darko [despite not fully understanding it], The Shawshank Redemption, The Shining, 28 Days Later, Final Destination … And many others that have momentarily slipped my mind, I’m sure.  Like with reading, I tend to need to be in the mood to watch a film.  Good acting, a superb script, a desire to have empathy with the characters, and an excellent soundtrack are all things I look out for when watching a film.  Actually, the soundtrack is quite important to me and that probably makes me rather fickle, but if the music is wrong then the film is ruined. 

If a film can make me feel pain, desire, hope, despair, love, joy or a willingness to not stop talking about it for at least three days, then I think it must be a film worthy of praise. 

And I loved it.  I loved it because it scared me.  At one point in the film I turned to The Blokey and said that I wanted to leave.  I don’t scare easily when it comes to horror films.  I loved it because the Zombies were fast.  Slow Zombies are much more mundane.  I loved it because it made me jump [almost quite literally out of my seat] three times. I loved it because the ending was relevant to the content of the film.  I loved it because it had comical moments.  You have to be able to giggle during a horror film.  It relaxes you.  I felt for the characters … I felt their pain and their hope.  I don’t remember feeling that the few times I have seen the original.   

One tip for you if you do feel the need to see it … don’t jump up to leave the cinema the second the credits start rolling.  I know so many people who do that and it amuses me because quite often there will be something added on somewhere.  And in this case there is.  And it’s excellent.  It’s sad. 

My Futon beckons me to dream of Mischievous Mondays …

God Bless Citrus Sharp Polo In My Mouth xxx Elsabeth   


  1. I love The Breakfast Club and Mary Poppins among others, but those were the two on your list that close to the top on mine!
    I think if I do see this movie it will not be in the theater…to me scary movies are just scarier in theaters and on the big screen, but thanks for the info!

  2. You must REALLY enjoy final destination. You said it twice. I’m a lot like you when it comes to films. I’m pretty open and I don’t have a favorite genre, though I tend buy romantic comedies more than any other. Scary movies though…I just see no point. For others, yes, it’s all fine and dandy. But I don’t scare easily and I just laugh at the moments that are supposed to be scary, so…I enjoy the story of them but the general point of it is lost on me. And ummm…isn’t Polo a fragance?Oh. I just realized that’s probably the scent the Blokey wears. Nevermind. You asked me something…blast it, I’ll have to go back and check my blog…Ahh. I remember now. You didn’t ask me but I wanted to tell you.Jim Carrey’s performance in Eternal Sunshine is like nothing he’s ever done. I’m not the hugest fan of him either but seriously…it’s fabulous. Definitely take your mum.

  3. I’m a big wimp when it comes to scary movies…that poster freaked me out!  lol..i don’t think i can last through the movie!  lol…sorry, big wimp here!

  4. The films that linger in my mind are the ones that make me think or cry…now, what was the laughable one the other day? ah yes – texas  chainsaw massacre or something like that, it was on telly the other day – some bits were just laughable and some bits were laughable and the type where you reach for a pillow and hide your face behind it *eww* have you seen it? if not, do so, cos it is very funny in a freaky, sick way…lol.
    I could watch sense and  sensibility over and over again, because I’m an old romantic and always cry at the happy ending no matter what.

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