Bloody daft cramp.  I haven’t had cramp for yonks and then all of a sudden a massive bout of it awakens me from a wonderful dream I was having.  This was yesterday morning.  And my leg is still aching.  Bad cramp.

Anyhoo, the reason I mention this is that FridayFive has become FridayWasNonExistent this week and I found SundayBrunch instead, but I didn’t find this weeks batch of questions appealing so I was browsing through the archives and discovered a week of questions on sleep.  And because I love my sleep I can’t resist revealing my boredom and answering them.  What Fun! 

Catchin’ Some Zzzzz’s
1. How many hours of sleep do you average per day/night?
I don’t know because I don’t clock-watch.  And every night is different.  Ah, but you’re looking for averages?  Probably about seven.  But I need more.  I’m a Bed Loving Must Sleep For Hours type of gal.   I also like napping in the afternoon.  I’m getting so old. 

2. Are you a bed or blanket hog?
Allegedly I do hog both the bed and the duvet, but only sometimes.  And I don’t know that I’m doing it because I’m sleeping.  If I’m too hot I gladly let The Blokey have the covers.  I’m just so nice like that.

3. Are you a sleepwalker?
Not as far as I know.  I did sleepwalk once when I was a nipper.  My Mummy hurt her leg very badly when she went dancing in the Methodist Church one day.  Actually the floor had just been polished and if it had happened now she could probably have sued them and gained a fair few squiilions in compensation, but back in the early Eighties people didn’t do that.  But I digress.  She was sleeping downstairs and apparently I went down and asked her if she’d like me to make her a cup of coffee but she knew I was asleep and just sent me back upstairs.  At university a bloke I was seeing lived with a fellow student who was a sleepwalker and he found her on the stairs totally naked one night.  And she walked into his room, again totally naked, one night whilst we were sleeping.  To be a sleepwalker must be quite scary …

4. Do you have recurring dreams?
Nope, I don’t think so.  I do dream a lot though.  Just this morning I was rudely awakened from a delightful dream about Jack Dee.  Ah, no it wasn’t that delightful actually.  I was seeing him perform in a teeny tiny venue and everybody was leaving because he wasn’t being funny.  His physical body must have been taken over by an alien.  Sheesh.  I used to regularly suffer from Sleep Paralysis and believed that there were aliens or other supernatural beings in the room with me … I think they were dreams really.

5. Do you talk in your sleep?
Nobody has ever told me that I do.  Apart from that time I asked Mother if she wanted a coffee.  A couple of weeks ago The Blokey spoke in his sleep … he was incredibly worried because he’d lost his ring.  I did the soothing thing and he slept soundly again.  And he hadn’t lost it at all the silly doofus.  I do grind my teeth sometimes …

Oooh, we partook of a trip to the cinema yesterday and saw Gothika.  Apart from the absence of commonsense with some people not only leaving their mobile phones on, but also answering them and having conversations, it was a fairly decent film.  But it was rather run-of-the-mill.  I don’t recommend it.  Unless you have nowt else to do. 

And now I must go and wake The Blokey from his peaceful slumber for I want to take a trip to PCWorld and buy a computer game.  I’m getting bored with Theme Hospital and GTA: Vice City, and I can’t find The Sims.  Must find, must find.  And it’s almost time for a lovely and yummy pub lunch.  Methinks we shall indulge ourselves and go somewhere posh today  …

God Bless Snoring xxx Elsabeth


  1. I don’t get enough sleep but I think if I did I’d have to sleep 24/7. I’ve never sleepwalked (that I know of) but I do talk and sing in my sleep. As for leg cramps…oh, I know the pain all too well. They’re so bad for me that I scream and scream until I’ve woken up enough to either walk on it or massage it away. And then it feels funny for the next two days.I haven’t seen Gothika but it does look like your run-of-the-mill scary zombie slasher movie. Not my style.

  2. spent about an hour sampling your xanga and all the goodies you’ve left lying about the internet for the surfing insomniac and wanted to say, “thanks”.

  3. you know, i’d thought about seeing gothika, but the name of the movie got on my nerves – it sounds like a cheesy metal band.  i’m a teethgrinder too, only in waking life – eek!

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