Ooh, looky … The Boredom of Holidays has struck again.  And it’s only Day One.  I snabbed this from Lyns.  It gave me something to do.  And looky again … I’ve livened it up with links.  Me so good. 

smoked: Yah, me bad.  I shall give up.  Honest.
drank: Have done and do.  Haven’t been totally rat-faced for a while though …
gotten stoned:  *cough* … eh?  In the past, yes.
gotten drunk: I believe I answered this one …
had sex:  Yes thanking you kindly for asking.
stayed in your pj’s all day: Hasn’t everyone?
left your state: Um, difficult to answer because I’m not from that side of the pond.  But I do travel and have lived in other places so I suppose it’s a resounding yes.
left your country: Belgium, France, Germany and The Czech Republic are places one has had the pleasure of indulging in.
drank milk straight from the carton: Yep.  Ooh, and I drink apple juice straight out of the carton too.  Yummy.
tripped up the stairs: Probably.  But it’s more exiting to fall down the stairs.  When I was seventeen I was so desperate to see the chap I was seeing that I slipped on the top stair in my DMs and managed to break my wrist.  Ouch.  And we all know the incident from last year …
wished upon a star: Yes, most recently two years ago …
…had it come true: Yeppers.
slapped someone: Apart from my brothers when we were younger?  I slapped Alicia at university because she was a cow.  She slapped me back.
danced like a maniac:  Not since I was at university.
gotten paid for a dance: I’m not that good.
given/had a lap dance: Funky Chicken.
chased a butterfly: Oh yes.  With one of those fishing rods that we had when we went to the seaside on holiday.
given a seagull alka-seltzer: Do seagulls have a need for it then?
slept under the stars: No, it’s too cold and soggy in England to do nice things like that.
gone on a cruise:  Nope, but I wouldn’t mind one around Scandinavia.
driven a motor boat: I’ve rowed a row boat.
put salt on a slug and watched it shrivel up: Of course … I was a student.  Slugs exist purely to annoy students.  I had a friend who ate a whole slug when she was two.  Mmmm.
gone to a concert: Oui.  Terrorvision, S*M*A*S*H, PWEI, The Wonderstuff, The Damned, The Manics, Bjorn Again, Chumbawumba – and a few others that couldn’t have been too exciting as I don’t recall names.
head banged:  Once.  Possibly.
ran from invisible terrors:  All the time, baby.
lost yourself:  Every other day.
found yourself again: Not often.
eaten bugs in any form:  Not unless I’ve had the misfortune to swallow them in my sleep.  Ook.
burned stuff just because:  Not that I remember.
been called a pyro:  not to my face.
seen a ghost:  I don’t know.  What does a ghost look like?
had something published:  Um …
been in love:  Naturally.
had the love returned:  Of course.
owned a pink fuzzy monkey:  No, will you buy me one?
owned a pair of handcuffs:  Oh yes.
…put them to use:  Once or twice.
looked for a relationship on-line:  Not looked. 
went on with an on-line relationship:  Depends what you mean? 
rented a “friend” for a night *wink wink*:  Why would I need to rent a “friend”?  How desperate do you think I am?
written a message on a bill:  No, only numbers.
touched a cloud:  No, but I went walking through a wooded area on a country estate with lots of people dressed in bright and rather twee clothing …
lost someone you cared about:  Yah.
ran away:  Yes, at the age of fourteen.  I made it all the way to London.  Then I got scared and called Childline.  They’re fab.
punched a wall:  Yes.
punched a person:  In self-defense.
shopped at Wal-Mart for over an hour: I’d like to know the difference between Wal-Mart and Asda.
been a hero:  I was WonderWoman when I was little.  In my dreams.
shopped at Hot Topic: Um … no. [What is it?]
taken a picture of yourself:  Yes.  Silly me.
had a journal: I have lots of funny diaries from when I was a teenager. 
worn mardi-gras beads: Not intentionally.
been to mardi-gras: Nope, but the Big Brother was in New Orleans for Mardi-gras a few years ago.
been a porn star:  Not to my knowledge.
heard a damaging story about your parents when they were younger: My parents were allegedly both sweet and innocent …
heard of Blind Melon: No, sorry.
heard of Vacationland: No, sorry.
heard of Black Apple: No, sorry.
been to a rally (for a cause, not a pep-rally):  Yes, but only once.
cried because you were forced to watch cheerleaders:  No, sorry.
given up on your dreams: Only if they were futile.
had your dreams come true:  On the odd occasion, yes.  Lucky me.
seen someone as your guardian angel:  *Nods*
protested the national anthem by not standing when everyone else does: No.
had a pen-pal:  I had squillions all over the world when I was younger.
met someone famous: *Nods again*
streaked:  Ook!
flashed someone:  I’m always flashing my boobs at The blokey.  In private naturally.
been mooned: No, am I missing out?
gone out with one of your best friends: At secondary school …
put a message in a bottle: Yes, it landed in Holland and was picked up by a German family who wrote and told us they found it.  I was about seven.  I was amazed.
sent a telegram:  Do they still exist?
recieved flowers:  Enough.
listened to a sea-shell:  That and searching for funny creatures in rockpools.
been stung by a jellyfish: *Ouch*
been on TV: I don’t know.  Probably not. 
burned your bra: Why would I want to do that?
played tag when you were over the “acceptable” age: Yes, sorry.
notice patterns in the time (11:11, 12:34, etc…): Ooh, I know this one …
had your mum show off embarrassing baby pictures of you when your were little to your friends/boy or girl friend:  No.  I show them off. 
been arrested:  Nope.
been put in jail:  Ooh, no.
been put on trial: Obviously not.
re-named yourself:  Yah.
followed someone in the mall to observe what they buy:  Isn’t that just weird?
followed someone just because:  I have better things to do with my time.  Do you?
been stalked:  If I ever was then I never knew.
stalked someone:  Isn’t that illegal?
worshipped someone:  Mummy.
lived a day like it was your last day:  I wouldn’t know what to do.
had your 15 minutes of fame:  I had my picture in the local paper …
been part of a mosh pit:  Yah.
been self-conscious: Always.
been in a band: I can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t play any instruments. What do you think??
started a band:  See above.
had a real conversation with your parents, with NO lies whatsoever:  Yes.  I’m an adult now.
sat and watched smoke float through the air:  It’s so pretty.
skinny-dipped: Ook.
listened to someone pee to make them feel self-conscious:  No, but I get self-conscious when I pee and people are around …
been conceited:  Hasn’t everybody, at least once?
walked/ran in the rain:  I like rain … I like jumping in puddles.
wanted to be somewhere with someone so much it made you cry: I think so.
played a practical joke:  Once or twice.
had a practical joke played on you:  Possibly.  But I don’t need any played on me because I’m such a gullible twit that you only need to do ickle simple things to make me look stupid.
been to Australia:   Ook – They have big spiders

Ah, what a waste of time that was.  But I did learn things about myself.  Apologies for taking up your valuable time. 

God Bless Things That Stop Me Writing Year 10 Reports xxx Elsabeth


  1. you would think i’ve got something better to do… but, alas, i do not.
    what wish came true two years ago…? (unless it’s a secret) and what is the key to making said wishes come true?

  2. oh… and the deal with alkaseltzer and birds is that supposedly their stomachs explode when they eat alkaseltzer (something about not being able to burp). turns out that this is just an urban myth, so if you really want to kill them you need to resort to the old-fashioned feed ’em rat poison method. (i’m not a bird killer, though, i swear)

  3. hehehe…fun!  i love those!  must do those for me…don’t mind for stealing from ya  =P
    I would buy you a pink fuzzy monkey if i lived closer =)
    yeah…what is ‘ook’…is that like ‘eep!’  or what?  ;)  i swear, you need to put up a little guide for the non brits.  =P 

  4. I would buy you a pink fuzzy monkey if I could.  I’d love to have one for myself as well.
    It seems everyone is taking this survey.  I might have to break down and do it.

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