Why does it always rain on me …

… when I’m just leaving the hairdressers with sleek pampered hair??  It always happens.  I fear that I must be jinxed.  But it was yummy.  When she washes my hair and massages my head it feels like heaven … It’s something that quite turns me on *blush* … I must remember to get The Blokey to wash my hair again at some point.

Shadow the Sheepdog, the story of a supremely loyal and intelligent sheepdog in a rural pre-war countryside, was published by Collins in 1950.  A compulsive scribbler for most of her teens, Enid Blyton found escape from her own unhappy childhood in the simple tales she wove for children.  She has been republished in revised forms to suit modern tastes and has consistently remained popular over five decades.  The independently minded children of her stories live in an idealised world of eternal summer holidays, adventure, high tea, ginger beer, cake and grown-ups with so little intelligence that they need everything explained to them – something that is not so very far from the truth.  Millon De Floss – Enid Blyton [taken from Jasper Fforde’s The Well of Lost Plots] …

… Which leads me on to a rant about the news.  This is the news from last night.  Ooh, the government and intelligence services have done it again.  Foiled a terrorist attack.  Excuse my sarcasm.  But I am very wary about claims such as these and almost livid that the general public are thought so unintelligent that we will lap up the media attention on these stories.  As a nation we have had to deal with the threat and consequence of terrorist attacks [who remembers the IRA?] for many years and we already know that there are silly people around who want to attack us.  We also know the forms this could take.  I suppose that really I’m annoyed that the media should endeavour to worry people, to scare them.  There was no real news and yet it was headline news. 

There must be something majorly political going on somewhere …

You do realise that most of the time I know nothing about which I speak?  Rather like a puppy in a sock on wash-day –

Time to play …

God Bless Curiosity xxx Elsabeth

Oh, and as an aside … for those of you who expressed an interest in the wish that came true?  It’s too slushy and soppy to talk about really.  It involved a cigarettes, a back garden, the first time I met The Blokey, a shooting star, and the word love.

That’s All Folksy People  …


  1. What a cute picture!
    My hair is similar.  It looks good for live five minutes after I wash and dry it but then it turns to crap.  It doesn’t even have to rain.

  2. at least you don’t have to live w/OUR politics.  wait, i guess you do, since the leaders of this country impose our shit on the rest of the world.  i am sorry about that!  ;)
    i can only imagine about your wish & it is bellissima! 
    that reminds me, i need to trim my hair soon. 

  3. to answer your question: sexy is almost undefinable. it is a look, a smile, a walk. it is a way with words or an ability to do long division in one’s head. it is the way one dresses. it is the sound of one’s laugh. sexy is just sexy and usually i know it when i see it.

  4. supposedly they did foil one plot last year (remember when all the army were deployed to Heathrow?) … 2 men in Legoland with air to sky (? can’t remember the term) rockets … planning to bring down a jumbo … but I agree, they are using scare tactics.  As Marilyn Manson says on Bowling for Columbine ‘they use fear’ … it’s their way of controlling us.

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