The joys of writing Year 10 reports.

This is what I wrote for LittleBoyBlue …

LittleBoyBlue’s progress in Religious Education has been severely hampered by his inability to take the subject seriously.  His exam paper reflected this as he chose to sit for an hour making totally irrelevant comments.  LittleBoyBlue is an intelligent young man but his constant doodling, lack of motivation and enthusiasm for distracting those around him is not going to help him achieve his full potential.  LittleBoyBlue must learn to concentrate fully at all times and produce work that shows his knowledge and understanding of the topics studied in RE.

This is what I wanted to write …

LittleBoyBlue is a total tosser.  He constantly whines and moans about having to study the subject and displays no tolerance for people of differing cultures, sexual choices, belief systems, or races. He views females as being there to please him and those who dress differently and have different tastes to him as being worthless.  In truth LittleBoyBlue is a bigot.  I fully expect him to become leader of the BNP at a later date.  If this was a class in which he would be examined for arrogance, rudeness, prejudice, racism and unreasonableness then he would probably gain the best grade in the school.  He would be wise to realize that eventually he needs to enter the Big Bad World of Work and future employers will not take kindly to the attitude he displays in class.  I would like to suggest that you hang your son up by the balls and instill in him a sense of respect, understanding, honour, love, and justness before we all have to suffer at his hands. 

Actually, having read the report that I did write I’m now wondering if that was a bit harsh.  Oh well.  We should be able to tell parents exactly what we think of their kids.  Humph.  The problem is that RE is a compulsory subject up to the age of eighteen.  But it is actually an interesting subject, nothing to do with indoctrinisation like in the old days.  It’s all about understanding each other, morality and ethical issues.  It doesn’t even matter when I explain that I’m an agnostic.  Those pupils who are hell-bent on being a disruptive influence just think I’m silly.  At least I know that they’re against studying subjects such as English and Maths as well though.  They just have a better argument for not studying RE.  We should just bring back the cane.  Ho-Hum.

I’ve just scared myself by following the BNP link and it’s a tad intriguing.  In the sense that it’s freakily daft.  And full of misleading quotes.  And very nasty.


God Bless My Belly Ache xxx Elsabeth 


  1. Wow, two blogs in one day. I’m smiling over that Kenya thing too. Soo cute. I’m downloading another one now I really wish Love Actually was out here. Sadly…I have to wait still longer. Yay for finding your area! Are we allowed to know whereabouts it is?

  2. i don’t think you were too harsh – i recall a similar feeling in my reports for my year 11s.  You’re right about their attitudes – I teach English and they try to fight me every step of the way. I just wonder what will happen when some of these get out into the real world!

  3. LMAO!  i like your second version better :)  it’s sad really, that some kids can be so intolerant.  we should have RE in the states.  i think it would eliminate some of the prejudice (mostly for rednecks and rightwingers).  SOME, not all as in littleboyblue’s case.  what a punkass.

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