An imagination and the ability to picture the meaning is required … This comes from a children’s picture book.  The pictures are amazing.  But I can’t put them on here.  But I thought that the words would be enough.  [And yes, me bad.  But I figure that if I don’t say the name of the person who wrote it then I can’t be told off because they won’t find it.  Oh, and who remembers the solicitors e-mail that I received about having Bod’s Way on my website?? I removed it like the good girl I am … and then about two months later I realized that the same page is on my RE site.  And they haven’t found it yet.  Ssshhh … ]

sometimes the day begins with nothing to look forward to
and things go from bad to worse
darkness overcomes you
nobody understands
the world is a deaf machine
without sense or reason
sometimes you wait
and wait
and wait
and wait
and wait
and wait

and wait
but nothing ever happens
then all your troubles come at once
wonderful things are passing you by
terrible fates are inevitable
sometimes you just don’t know what you are supposed to do
or who you are meant to be
or where you are
and the day seems to end the way it began
but suddenly there it is right in front of you
bright and vivid
quietly waiting
just as you imagined it would be

Perfick …

Sitting propped up against my monitor I have two mini cards.  Between the two of them they contain six adorable kittens.  There are also some balls of brightly coloured wool and the most amazing big flowers [not propped against my monitor, but on the cards, silly].  These are special to me because they’re from my mumsy.  They’re a sign of her affection and love.  And possibly also her desire to want me to share her faith.  One proclaims, Each of us matters to God.  The other, We are never alone, God is always with us.  They are there simply as a reminder that I am loved.  Sometimes we all need to know that we’re special and wanted.  Even if the person who loves us wants us to believe in something we can’t. 

I just wanted to share that with you…

please God bless the nastily vile, horridly hairy, spider whose leg I accidentally pulled off xxx Elsabeth


  1. pretty heavy stuff for a children’s book. i like it.
    your portion was quite touching.
    and, lastly, what a sweet prayer for the vile, horridly hairy spider.

  2. hmm.. that came from a children’s book?  wow. 
    thanks for sharing your cards.  it’s nice to be reminded of those things from time to time :)

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