I love …

kittens; happy memories; pink skies; feeling secure; magical mayhem; sex; daydreaming; people-watching; metallic lipstick; my bed; rain; buying bags …

I don’t love …

giving up smoking – I had my last ciggie at one in the morning on Sunday.  So it’s been a full thirty-nine hours and twenty minutes since I had my last fag.  I have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.  At the moment the angel is winning. 

“Think of the benefits”, she screams at me joyfully.  And I do.  I will have more money to buy pretty products.  I won’t smell of smoke.  So I’ll save money by not buying so much body spray.  And mints.  The health risks are enormous.  But the devil quietly murmurs in my ear that it hardly matters, the damage is probably already done, and what about those people who tragically fall ill despite never doing anything naughty?  Be quiet.  Ooh, we won’t have to wait for the smoking tables to become available in restaurants, we won’t care when they bring in a public ban on smoking in England, we’ll actually be able to watch those adverts on the telly where they use real people and not actors to instill in people the badness of smoking.  Yes, The Blokey is giving up as well.  I wouldn’t be able to do it if he wasn’t.

Over the next few days I may have difficulty concentrating; disturbed sleep; a cough / sore throat; mood swings [no change there, then]; constipation and headaches.  What glorious fun. 

And apparently tomorrow and Wednesday will be the worst days.  Cravings wise.

I shall ignore the devil that nestles against my ear whispering sweet delights.

I love …

having the [will-] power.

please God bless my body as it continues to be good xxx Elsabeth

Sheesh, I so want a cigarette.


  1. i just recently went through this. it sucks. it really does. the worst is when you think you’re over it and then get a whiff of someone smoking somewhere. it can be done, though. (you and the blokey might want to stay away from each other until about may 15 though… those mood swings can make pms look cute)

  2. making my head spin!
    philosophical debate about whether it passes or just gets put on standby aside, it tends to be a longing for times gone (and probably didn’t quite exist the way i remember it anyway).
    try not to be a moody cow, as you put it.

  3. hey hey…
    good luck for giving up smoking.  I’ve heard…not sure if it’s accurate or not, your lungs will sorta heal itself if you give up smoking…so damage is not already done!  don’t give up!  =) 
    are you doing anything to help you?  patch?  gums? etc…or are you just quitting cold turkey?

  4. Yay!!!!!
    I’m so glad you’re giving up smoking.  I’ve seen first-hand what it does to people and I wouldn’t want you to go through that.
    Yes, bless your wonderful little body.

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