Don’t be silly.  Of course I’m not angry.  Nope, I’m not.  Honest.  I don’t mind spending a good twenty minutes writing out a meaningful post about how it seems that whilst on the cusp of adulthood all young people must go through a stage where they joyfully proclaim i-didn’t-ask-to-be-here-and-i-don’t-like-being-here-god-dammit-i-hate-you-all-and-you-all-hate-me-too  [rather like a Rite of Passage], only to have my words lost in the nether-regions of cyber space. 

I loved being like that as a teenager.  Let’s be honest, who doesn’t crave the attention that you get from being having such a daft attitude?  I was the first person in my year to wear Doc Marten’s.  I was about thirteen.  Possibly.  And I was the first person to be a goth.  Again, aged about thirteen. I was one of the first in my year to smoke.  And I was the exceptionally quiet one who bottled it all up and argued with the teacher.  Ooh, and I was the one who bagged a boyfriend on the French Exchange, again aged thirteen, and much to the annoyance of the Popular Girls.  Oh, the respect that commanded from my contemporaries was good.  For a day or so, and then they got bored.  But I loved being me.  I still love being me.  I’m just the grown-up version now. 


I’m irked.


Longing for Wolverhampton.  And a cigarette. 

It was such a happy post as well.  Oh well. 

If my period has finished then why am I still getting period pains? 

[70 hours & 10 minutes]

please God bless my scrogginess and let me be happy when teaching the nippers tomorrow xxx Elsabeth

[And many thanks for all the supportive comments … I love you all.  But not in that way]



  1. LOL…i was so good as a teenager…maybe that’s why i’m so pissed at my mom…she had no idea how miserable i could’ve made her life…;) 
    I didn’t still never tried any drugs.  I’ve only had 1 cigarette in my life…I only drank wine coolers in college…I’ve been drunk maybe 4 times in my life…and I was 18 when I lost my virginity…she had it easy!  LOL…

  2. xanga stole away my two best posts ever so i know that feeling. when i was 13, i didn’t get down and dirty with any french exchange students, but i’m certain i wanted to…

  3. I never really rebelled during my teenage years so I’m just waiting for it all to explode at any moment.
    Sorry you’re feeling crap.  **hugs**  But keep up the cigarette abstinence.  It’s good for you.

  4. I used to have a pair of purple Dr Marten’s! and I used to tippex things all over them (don’t know why – it was just something we did??) I was a moody bitch then….so what’s changed exactly? lol.
    Thankyou for the birthday wishes!!! I had a great one How are you doing these days? I haven’t been on for a while and am having to catch up.

  5. i still hold the record in my school for the most absences ever in one year w/o getting in trouble with the police for truancy – 60 days.  how’s that for attitude?  also, i was notorious for coming to class trippin’ out the ass.  that is, when i actually showed up for class.  ;)  i have to say though, that i’m SO glad the teenage years are well overwith.  whew!

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