Quoteth Some people do wear extremely well, you will be thirty soon and you certainly dont look it I’m not just saying that, there is no way that you look thirty at all Unquoteth … bless my baby.  It’s nice to get mails that say such lovely things.  Even if the topic was Kylie Minogue’s birthday.  Humph.

Big Brother.  Number 5.  This lady is grotesquely sad.  Oooh, not long till we meet the “contestants” *dances gleefully round the room singing songs of happiness*.  Oh?  Is that so?  You don’t like it?  Or worse still you say you’ve never heard of it [do they still do it in foreign lands?] … shame on you.  The rather funny thing is that I’m going to miss the final week, and thus the final night, because I’ll be in Austria with The Blokey. 

Bugger the friggin’ piggies. 

All I can hope is that it’s as dopey and uninteresting as last year … bring back Tickle, says I.

Today I got paid.  Happy.  So I went shopping.  My shopping bags contained seven pairs of knickers [I decided that if I was actually going to be living with The Blokey I couldn’t rely on my best pants all the time and so needed some cute new thongs and sweet little shortie things], one file thingy for bills/statements/anything I’m likely to lose [it’s brown suede and rather lush, it feels so sexy], an ickle Lucky Buddha, some fridge poetry magnets so I can make up silly sayings whilst waiting for the kettle to boil [that’s your fault, you know it], and … um … oh, that was it … So I came home. 

This next week is going to be hectic.  Once the week is over I shall be able to return to my usual miserable and moody self, and once again ignite your passions with deep and meaningful posts … posts that will no doubt leave those burning questions in your hearts answered and leave you feeling at peace.  I shall visit you all [if not in person, then definitely in Xanga] on Tuesday when I return home to collect my iddlings.  Thank you kindly for your much appreciated support during this exciting time in my life.  I wouldn’t be able to cope if it wasn’t for you all …

*sobs uncontrollably at the idea of not having the Net for a whole week [give or take half an hour, which will be on Tuesday]*

Gosh, I’m so dopey …

please God bless xanga and don’t let it run away xxx Elsabeth



  1. Well, I’m not one of The Powers That Be…but I can pretty much guarantee you that Xanga will be here when you get back.   Unless of course they’re performing their infamous “maintenance.”
    We did have Big Brother but I have no idea if it’s still on or not.  I never really allowed myself to get into it.  I might like it if I tried but I suppose I just “couldn’t be arsed.”
    See you soon.

  2. I’ve missed loads of your news!
    Whats this? You’ve found a place and you’re moving? blimey that was quick.
    Any chance of your new address so I can send some sort of housewarming gift? Don’t worry if you don’t fancy sharing your address…I won’t be offended and would totally understand
    Good luck with the packing and moving and the settling in…I love moving to a new house, it’s a tad stressful yes, but fun also!

  3. undies shopping…i just revamped mine a few months ago…hehehe…no more ‘granny panties’…i’ve moved on to thongs and boy shorts.  lovely…it’s the two extremes…LOL
    how was the weekend?

  4. Big Brother? I think that show went down for the count here. I’m more of a Survivor fan here.But, I think I could give up finale week for some time in Austria…hmmm how big are your bags?

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