Miss, why have you got your camera?
To take some pictures.
Of what?
The scenery.
What scenery?  There ain’t no scenery round here [is that a double negative?].

So, enjoy some non-scenery from the English seaside …

I went.  I saw.  I slathered myself in suncream.  I got burnt.  Not surprisingly.  My Father and his genes must be pounded into the ground.  But I must remember that he had skin cancer.  Briefly.  I almost fell over.  Yep, the kids know that I have no sense of balance.  I want a beach-hut with no mains electricity or water.  But it costs £30,000.  Ook.  That much?  For a teeny shed on a teeny plot of land?  ‘Tis a mockery. 

Tomorrow I must catch the train to my new abode.  On Thursday we’re having our settees delivered.  Oh, joy of joys.  Comfy seats to sit on.  *dances vigorously until the strap of the t-shirt digs into the burnt shoulder a little too much*.

And then I remembered some little snippet of conversation from last week.  Ah, Elton John.  He doth play in town tomorrow night.  I shall have to fight my way through hoardes of EJ fans.  That will be fun. And why are you not going to see the man with the glasses Elizabeth?, I hear you cry.  Um, because I don’t like him, I cry back.  I’ve never been a fan of his.  The Baby Brother went through a phase of liking him a few years back and I had to listen to songs I don’t like all the time.  In fact I still have to listen to songs I don’t like all the time.  Yeh, I have a brother who doesn’t care how much noise he makes because he can make noise and he wants everybody to know it.  I may be old but I still argue with him as though I’m about fifteen.  It’s pretty funny most of the time.  He’s just bought a shredder and it’s incredibly noisy.  So how did he wake me up at seven in the morning yesterday?  He shredded some paper.  Little sod.  Humph.

*sings* I get to see The Blokey, I get to see The Blokey *stops singing*

Can you wise folk tell that I am tired?  I am so desperate to just fall into Futon and dream of pleasant things but BB5 is on shortly and I have to laugh at Michelle and Emma. 

Sorry.  It’s naff, I know. 

please God bless my dreams tonight xxx Elsabeth


  1. i’m not a huge fan either…i can’t stand most of his songs…and the ones i moderately liked are so fucking played out I can’t stand them either!  lol.
    I can still fight with my brother like we’re 5 yr olds too…it’s easy…=P
    yay!!!!  you get to see your ‘blokey’ as you call it…between you and Polly, I’m gettin’ my fill of cool british words to use…hehehe

  2. *gasp* You mean English people use double negatives too?  I always thought you all had perfect grammar and diction!  (just kidding, of course…though it is a bit of a stereotype )
    The scenery certainly looks lovely to me.   I would have gotten burnt as well, even using SPF-50.
    I really like “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” but other than that…ehh, I could take him or leave him.  I do like The Lion King soundtrack, though.

  3. i like the old madman-on-the-water EJ stuff.  anything recorded into the 80’s & i want to gag.
    i wish my brother & i still yelled at each other occasionally.  i think being a father of 3 kids has made him appreciate silence :)
    another stereotype: i thought it didn’t get sunny in england? 

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