Ouch feck damn whimper crumbs shite.

All words to escape my lips about half an hour ago as I stood in the shower and cursed the day that God made the sun that burnt me so.  But we have our settees.  They’re so comfy.  And they’ve arrived just in time for the England match.  Yay.

Today I feel like a hump.  It beats writing Year 8 reports and playing superdudes.  It also reveals my passion for not really having to think for myself and simply writing something based on something some other person has written.  I do enjoy being lazy.

01.  You are a ride at a theme park.  What are you and why?
I am a …

*sits practically comatose and stares at the monitor as though it is something rather alien*

I am a …

*repeats herself in the hope that something will spring to mind other than horses on roundabouts in Mary Poppins*

I am a … house of mirrors.  Hurrah.  Ah, why?  Well, my ducks, that will be because I am.

02.  You are an inanimate object and you have the same capabilities as a mood ring.  What are you and how do you operate? 

I am a mood bed.  I know exactly what you want, and when you want it.  I can tell if you would like a massage or if you’d like to be woken with a cup of tea.  You have a headache?  Let me supply the soothing music and the floaty smells …


03.  You own the most unusual store in the world where you sell a product that’s never been sold before – it could be anything from instant serenity to personality enhancers to holy drinking water that absolves your sins (that’s no joke folks, it really exists).  What is the name of your store, what do you sell and do you have a selling catch phrase?
My shop is called Felicity and I sell Felicity’s Fancy Facts For Farky Frowns [which are things that make you more intelligent *nods understandingly*]

04.  Describe an item of clothing that has definitely seen better days but that you refuse to dispose of and still wear.  Why won’t you toss it?
I would say my jeans but everybody says that don’t they?  They’re just so damn comfy.  I have a lot of underwear that I’ve had for eons.  Some of that could be tossed out but I just don’t have the heart … it’s seen some good times! 

05.  Going on the belief that “It’s the little things that count.” what is some little thing that might seem insignificant to others that recently made you smile or gave you a really happy feeling?
Just the looks that The Blokey gives me.  And the way he holds my hand.  And the way he just got home from work to watch the footie and spent a few seconds chatting to me first.  How sweet. 


Best go and watch the match.  And cook some dinner.  Hmmm, something simple I think. 


please God bless the freaky BB5 contestants and don’t let them kill each other xxx Elsabeth



  1. OOh, I agree with kurry, I want Michael Vartan next to me!
    I would certainly frequent Felicity’s.  Even if it wasn’t your shop and some other person’s I’d still go.
    I have so many things I should toss it’s ridiculous.  The entire outfit i’m wearing right now, for one.  Including the shoes.

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