Betty’s weekend in the form of another bout of word association …

  1. Abundance:: washing … how can one chap generate so many clothes to wash in one week?  and more to the point – when am i going to teach him to use the washing machine?

  2. Casino:: ooh, not quite the same thing but i haven’t checked my lottery [sorry, i can’t start calling it lotto however hard i try, it’s just too meditarranean for me] numbers from last night.  i could be sitting on squillions of much needed sterling.

  3. Shell:: we’ve spent a lot of money at tesco recently and so we keep getting “vouchers” for 5 pence off each litre of petrol we get from the garage at tesco.  so, we’re not going to shell, which is where the blokey usually gets his petrol.  interesting, eh?  oh, this is more interesting.  yesterday when we went to get petrol we decided that his car was in need of a spankingly good clean.  so we used the car wash.  and it scared me because those things always do.  and they make me dizzy.  it must be all the blue twirling things.  and it didn’t get rid of all the bird poo-poo.  damn.

  4. Overpriced:: at our local [pub for local people] on friday evening the blokey drank lager and i drank vodka & diet coke.  one round was 7 pence more expensive there than it was yesterday lunchtime at a pub in town.  hmmm …

  5. Cancellation:: on friday they didn’t evict anybody from the big brother house.  they were supposed to. not that i particularly minded because i like both dan and vanessa.  bad bb.  and then last night they didn’t do a task.  hmmm …

  6. Eternal:: yesterday we had the radio on in the car and the bangles came on.  they were singing eternal flame.  ah, the memories …

  7. Lyrics:: … so i sang along to them.

  8. Faith:: this morning my mum didn’t go to church.  she usually does.  ah, but if i’m not there then how do i know?  because she is currently holidaying in the czech republic with the baby brother.  they’re visiting the big brother and his wifey and the baby [who is now more of a toddler].  they’re there to celebrate the thirtieth birthday of the wifey.  the wifey doesn’t want to come to england.  it makes me sad.  we won’t all get to see the toddler together.  we’ll have to see her in dribs and drabs.  and they want another baby.  humph.  i’m afraid that they have to wait till after i’m married because it’s going to create far too many problems and if my niece isn’t at my wedding then i won’t be happy [and yes stuart, i do mean this, there will be fisticuffs before dawn].  And before you all ask, no we haven’t set a date but i imagine it will be sometime within the next year and i rather fancy a spring wedding … with a bouncy castle and lots of balloons.
    but this was supposed to be about faith.  and my mumsy not going to church this weekend.  she used to be a regular church goer.  now she only goes to church about oh, thirty-five times a year?

  9. Because:: i finished my book. 

  10. Wimp:: last night i went for a wee and there was a spider on the wall.  it fell on the floor.  then it waddled – no, spiders don’t waddle – it scurried along to the door and i wasn’t all that worried because it wasn’t a big fat hairy creature, it was more of a spindly thing with a teeny body, and i can cope with those.  but i did rather fancy calling the blokey into the bathroom because he hates all sorts of spiders.  in the end i was loving and i didn’t even reveal to him that the spider had made it into the hall and was last seen heading in the direction of the the living room and the new comfy settee on which he was sitting.  ha! 

My washing is almost complete.  Soon it will be time to cook some dinner.  And then it will be time to chill and do sod all.  Although I still have those Year 8 reports to start writing.  Damnfrigginpiggieshellnation.

I shall leave you with this …

my little pony
You’re My Little Pony!! Sweet and innocent and
happy, you make people want to spew burrito
chunks. Even a Care Bear could kick your ass.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I never possessed a My Little Pony even though I desperately wanted one.  *sob*

please God bless the grey skies over my head xxx Elsabeth


  1. Oh heavens, I can’t even tell you how many My Little Ponies I had. I think I had the one in the picture too. I even watched the tv show. I loved those things.When should you teach him? RIGHT NOW. Otherwise he’ll never learn. Trust me, save yourself the trouble.

  2. Sorry I made you stay awake.  But it was worth it, wasn’t it?
    The “UK” bit is there because we have our own version of Airline.  I’ve never seen it, but I know we have it.  I’ve seen the commercials.

  3. When I was young, the My Little Pony song from the commercials would get stuck in my head. Sometimes, out the blue, I’d catch myself actually singing the damn thing. I had a legitimate fear that this would happen one day accidentally in the locker room before a hockey game and I’d either get pummeled or become the subject of lifelong ridicule involving My Little Pony. By this point, that ridicule would have evolved into almost a badge of who I am. This comment would probably be signed by Pony Dude, for example.

  4. Ahhh yes, the spindly sort with the little bodies, I can handle…but any spider that appears to have legs thicker than a strand of hair or with fur on their bodies…Ack!  No!  Especially any that you know when you squash is going to leave a giant mess wherever you squash them…Am I the only one that does this?  I’ll pick up a magazine to squash them and then say, “No, not that one…good article on the 50 things he’s dying for you to try in bed…” Bloody Christ – don’t I have any older magazines than this???

  5. Abundance::of time since my hubby is still out of the house and I DON”T have to do his laundry! Did you ever notice how Shakira’s little one hit wonder sounded mysteriously like Eternal Flame? My little pony – my son would kill for one of those!

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