Oh flumps.  Will we, won’t we get to see Shrek 2 at the cinema today? Preview weekends are so exciting.  And so busy.  The last time we went to the cinema was Wednesday of last week when we had no settees and so nowhere to actually sit.  We saw Van Helsing.  And we were the only two souls in the screen, which some might think could lead to naughty business, but the film was too good and the ice-cream too yummy and besides, I recognised many places and couldn’t stop squealing I’ve been there, there’s a school next to that, those steps take ages to climb, much to The Blokeys annoyance.  But what are we better halves for, if not to be annoying sometimes?  I made myself a coffee and have left it in the bedroom.  Bum. 

I have snabbed this from everybody else who has done it.  It relieves the boredom whilst I bemoan the fact that I can’t read my mail.

Three Things I’m wearing
1. blue nail varnish on my tootsies
2. my diamond
3. lip gloss [vanilla flavour]

Three Things Currently On The Blokeys Desk
1. his LotRs ring
2. my coffee [i saved it from the bedroom]
3. some computer games [star wars, alice, black & white, gta]

Three Things I Want to Do Before I Die
1. bungee jump
2. be a mumsy
3. visit Russia

Three Good Ways to Describe My Personality
1. shy
2. listener
3. sweet

Three Bad Things About My Personality
1. sarcastic
2. moody
3. a bit bitchy

Three Things I Like About My Body
1. eyes
2. thumb nails
3. ickle ears

Three Things I Don’t Like About My Body
1. ickle teeny mouth
2. hardly noticable scar under my bottom lip [damn you, TC]
3. knobbly knees

Three Things Most People Don’t Know About Me
1. i use the time i spend in the bathroom reflecting on life and daydreaming … i have been known to lose track of time whilst sitting on the loo
2.  i am not clever, merely intelligent
3.  when me and my mate c were about eleven we rifled through her dads bedside drawer and discovered some fairly graphic porn.  and him a headteacher … *shock*

Three Things I Say The Most
1. i must wash up now
2. will you shut up, please
3. damn, i want that bag

Three Places I Want to Go
1. Russia
2. New Zealand
3. the pub

Three Names that I Go By
1. elizabeth
2. elizabeth
3. elizabeth [but if i like you and don’t want to upset you i will let you get away with calling me liz, but i shall moodily seethe inside]

Last three things you’ve eaten
1. an aero mousse 
2. rice
3. cheese

And then it was time to go searching for geneaology things. 

please God bless me for i have sinned [but the blokey is up and raring to go now *wink wink nudge nudge*] xxx Elsabeth



  1. I, too, use the bathroom for such purposes.  Without meaning to, of course.  Although when I was child I used to shut myself in the bathroom for a long time to get some privacy/hide from my family.

  2. I read mags and books, dayream and get the best ideas whilst in the loo!!
    So did you get to watch Shrek 2? or were you too “busy” with the blokey!?? lol.

  3. *whines* Am I behind the times or what?!  I haven’t even seen Shrek 1, yet, though I’ve heard it’s definitely one to watch.My grandfather had a phone in each loo in his house complete with a notepad holder attached to the wall.  He said he always got a great idea or important phone call while on the toilet.  What a brilliant man.

  4. Yeah, I call my toilet the epiphany throne, because my best ideas happen there. You should remain in contact with your student. Show her that there are people who can leave, and still be there.

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