Wanted …

… for funny bus-pass/passport pictures that make them look like England’s Most Wanted Criminal OAPs …Herbert Percy and Dorothy Mabel [aka grandad and nana].

Myself and mumsy discovered these whilst plodding our way through nanas bungalow of delights.  We later showed them to her in the nursing home and she giggled like a schoolgirl on helium.  I wonder if grandad would have been so amused.  He was a moody, yet lovable, rogue.  Ah, bless …

And yes.  Mayhaps that will be what I’ll look like in another 40 years.  Superb. 

I have issues.  I am easily annoyed.  I get all grumpy butterfly effects inside my belly and chest whenever things happen that irk me.  Today I was irked. 

I received this mail in my inbox …

Subject: SORRY ?????
Letter of Apology – Author Anonymous

For good and ill, the Iraqi prisoner abuse mess will remain an issue. On the one hand, right thinking Americans will abhor the stupidity of the actions while on the other hand, political glee will take control and fashion this minor event into some modern day My Lai massacre.
I heard some Arabs are asking for an apology.  I humbly offer mine here:
I am sorry that the last seven times we Americans took up arms and sacrificed the blood of our youth, it was in the defence of Muslims (Bosnia, Kosovo, Gulf War 1, Kuwait, etc.).
I am sorry that no such call for an apology upon the extremists came after 9/11.  I am sorry that all of the murderers on 9/11 were Arabs.
I am sorry that Arabs have to live in squalor under savage dictatorships. I am sorry that their leaders squander their wealth.  I am sorry that their governments breed hate for the US in their religious schools.
I am sorry that Yasir Arafat was kicked out of every Arab country and high jacked the Palestinian “cause”. I am sorry that no other Arab country will take in or offer more than a token amount of financial help to those same Palestinians.
I am sorry that the USA has to step in and be the biggest financial supporter of poverty stricken Arabs while the insanely wealthy Arabs blame the USA.
I am sorry that our own left wing elite and our media can’t understand any of this. I am sorry the United Nations scammed the poor people of Iraq out of the “food for oil” money so they could get rich while the common folk suffered.
I am sorry that some Arab governments pay the families of homicide bombers upon their death. I am sorry that those same bombers are seeking 72 virgins? I can’t seem to find one here on Earth.
I am sorry that the homicide bombers think babies are a legitimate target.
I am sorry that our troops died to free more Arabs. I am sorry they stopped the gang rape rooms and the filling of mass graves of dissidents.
I am sorry they show so much restraint when their brothers in arms are killed. I am sorry that Muslim extremists have killed more Arabs than any other group.
I am sorry that foreign trained terrorists are trying to seize control of Iraq and return it to a terrorist state.   
I am sorry every time terrorists hide they find a convenient “Holy Site”. I am sorry they didn’t apologize for driving a jet into the World Trade Center that collapsed and severely damaged Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church – one of our Holy Sites.
I am sorry they didn’t apologize for flight 93 and 175, the USS Cole, the embassy bombings, etc.
I am sorry Michael Moore is American; he could feed a medium sized village in Africa.
I am sorry the French are French?

America will get past this latest absurdity.  We will punish those responsible because that is what we do.  We hang out our dirty laundry for all of the world to see. We move on. That’s one of the reasons we are hated so much. We don’t hide this stuff like all those Arab countries that are now demanding an apology.
Deep down inside, when most Americans saw this reported in the news, we were like – so what?
We lost hundreds and made fun of a few prisoners. Sure, it was wrong, sure, it dramatically hurts our cause, but until captured we were trying to kill these same prisoners. Now we’re supposed to wring our hands because a few were humiliated? Our compassion is tempered with the vivid memories of our own people killed, mutilated and burnt amongst a joyous crowd of celebrating Fallujans.
If you want an apology from this American, you’re going to have a long wait. You have a better chance of finding those 72 virgins.


Ah, crumpets.  There’s a distinct flavour of bitterness and bizarre ownership-of-the-world about this e-mail.  And it bugged me.  Humongously.  It made me sad.  It made me feel sorry for the person who felt the need to write it.  It made me want to give them a hug and explain that being bitter and vengeful and so damn stupid is no way to put things behind us and make the world a more charming and peaceful place to live.  Yes, there were extremely valid points to be read in it.  But when tempered with the silly petulant tone they did nothing to make me feel happy. 


I really don’t want to receive things like it in my inbox.  I want my inbox to be free and pleasant and joyful, not bitter and lonely and cold.  Bad person who started it. 


please God bless my dashing hither and thither in my dreams xxx Elsabeth 


  1. There’s so many holes in that e-mail I could see my sandwich through it. It’s not so much the content that bothers me, but the people who unthinkingly pass political emails on to “everyone in their address book” [and some who spam it on every Xanga site] not stopping to consider anything inside it.

  2. Bloody Americans!  Grrr.  And I am one so I can say that.
    Passport pictures are never good.  I look like a snake in mine.  No, seriously.

  3. I’m still chortling at the passport pictures.  Bless, were they told (like me when I had my first passport picture taken) that they couldn’t smile??  They look sweet… in the old person-y way

  4. grrrrrr….There is an e-mail with the same tone that I blatantly took offense to not long ago…Only this one was something about religion and every sentence started with the words, “Isn’t it funny…””Isn’t it funny that you’ll wake up today and not thank God first thing that you woke up this morning?”
    “Isn’t it funny that you’ll drive to work today and curse at other drivers yet call yourself a Christian?””Isn’t it funny that God gave so much to you and yet you probably never thank him?”
    My response…”Isn’t it funny that some dim-brained f*ckwit thinks they need to pass this blithering stupidity to everyone in the world via e-mail in a holier-than-thou rant attempting to make just one more person in the world feel like awful simply for breathing and not thinking of God simultaneously every second of their existence?”

  5. sometimes… scratch that… most times, I am a little embarrassed about being an american. It’s sort of like hanging out with a person who is a good friend but who tends to get obnoxiously drunk at parties and tries to make out with your friend’s wife or tells the party host that “this is the lamest party, man, where’re all the strippers”. That’s sort of how it feels.

  6. LOL…those pics are TOO funny!  my passport pic looks pretty horrendous too…hehehe
    umm, i tend to delete those kinds of messages…like you, I don’t need to read those kinds of messages…in general, i stay away from political discussions.  cuz you usually can’t change someone’s mind and it just gets ugly ;)

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