Damn sinuses.  Yummy money.  Five mile treks through the country trying to avoid cowpats.  The buying of new clothes.  Getting chalk all over my fingers whilst recreating Constable paintings. Realising that the only thing I’m really good at when it comes to art is bubble writing.   Having kids laugh at me because I unknowingly sing whilst drawing. And I can’t sing.

It’s all fun …

And to relax I must play some mind-numbing “I say … and you think … ?”

  1. Crippling:: I used to have rats.  I love rats.  I’ve had more than my fair share because The Bully-Boy bought me a young rat one year for my birthday and it transpired that she was expecting.  Anyhoo, one of the rats that she gave birth to must have done something to her back as a baby.  Perhaps her mummy, Freida, fell on her.  Maybe her brother, Mickey, got a little too violent with her.  Whatever the reason the poor thing was crippled and would drag herself around with her front legs.  So I called her Cripple.  And I kept her and her sister and she lived the longest.  Bless her.  I want my rats back …
  2. Tough:: Stale bread is tough. 
  3. Slinky:: I did a tacky-test on the Net once that resulted in me being told I was a Slinky toy from the Eighties.  We play with Slinky’s in Science these days.  It’s such fun.
  4. Slogan:: If I had my own slogan it would be not dissimilar to Cheeky Chirpy Chappies Chop Chopsticks.  And it would mean absolutely nothing.
  5. Stuffed:: Me on Saturday after my birthday meal.
  6. Instructions:: I’m far too impatient to follow instructions.  They just get in the way of everything else that’s going on, those things that could be more exciting given the opportunity.
  7. Expletive:: Today a pupil swore in front of me.  No, I said, No – don’t swear.  This then led to a discussion about whether or not Miss swears.  Don’t be daft, I never bloody swear, says I.  Only one of them noticed the swear word within that.  And I’m surprised that even one of them noticed because they don’t consider bloody to be a swear word.  One of my pet peeves is kids swearing.  It just sounds so ridiculous.  You don’t sound hard, just stupid, says I.
  8. Cartoon:: I forgot to put Dungeons and Dragons on my birthday wishlist.  I must remember that I want it for Christmas – *grins greedily*.
  9. Toddler:: Oh, my nephew is just the cutest, most adorable, most sweet little nipper you ever did see.  He has orange hair.  Not red.  Orange.  Scrummy.  Have you been on a tractor?  Have you been on a combine?  Have you been on a lorry?  Have you been on a truck?  I can blow bubbles out of my nose.  Have you been on a van?  Have you been on a fire engine?  Gosh, I want to be two and a half again!
  10. Insinuation:: I am good at insinuating.  Sometimes.

It’s time to laugh at Big Brother.  And sleep.  Eventually. 

please God bless my wisdom teeth and aching gums because of this feckin cold xxx Elsabeth


  1. Poor little rats.
    It’s amazing I didn’t swear when I was younger because I was constantly around people who did.  My parents didn’t swear until I got older, but their friends did all the time.  And now of course I come out with them all the time. (ok, not ALL the time)  It just sort of started by itself somehow. *shrug*
    I saw someone on tv today with bright orange hair.  It was so cute.   As for your nephew’s questions, I could only answer yes to two of them.  Depending on what a lorry is.

  2. Rats make the best pets… my sister had one which we called Rex (her name) until I deemed it a dog’s name and figured that Noodles was better – given his love for Bachelors Super Noodles.
    Sad thing was that Noodles also loved everything else that was bad for him, from butter to chocolate right through to cider.  He died of a heart attack stretching out from his bed to reach his food… lazy so and so…

  3. How cute you make rats sound, I’ve never been too fond of them myself…a few weeks ago I was swimming in a pool when I noticed that the people on the side of the pool all jumped up and started pointing and saying “Ewww a rat, don’t touch it, it has diseases, ewwwww”  So my cousin and I look over to see a wittle teeny tiny mouse swimming for dear life away from the screaming hystericals.  I wanted to save it, but before we had the chance a guy picked him up by his tail and slung him into the bushes.  Poor mouse… but you were talking about rats, sorry!

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