Back street pubs/clubs, student unions [complete with subsidised alcoholic drinks *happy happy*], and festivals where the average age of the baying crowd is, approximately, twenty.  Ish.  These are the places where I am used to seeing bands.  Inevitably these places are generally either:
– dark and gloomy
– sticky underfoot [usually with spilt drinks, but I’m sure vomit is sometimes involved]
– a tad too smelly [and not the fruity perfume type smelly]
– exceedingly loud
– full of young people groping each other in the throes of passion
– all of the above [and anything else you can think of]

So, I was somewhat perturbed on Friday evening when I found myself surrounded by prepubescent’s and their parents at an open venue where no alcohol was being sold …  Yes, I saw Busted!  Hurrah!  And I have the t-shirt to prove it.  And the pictures …

Can you see them?  *Chuckle*.  I realise that I should be embarrassed, ashamed, disgusted and unhappy … but I actually feel rather chuffed because I can now finally say that I’ve seen a band mainly adored, in their millions, by teeny-boppers. 

From Pop Will Eat Itself and The Damned to Busted and McFly … I feel as though I’ve finally grown up. 

Ah, bless. 

And then at the end of the evening I played I Spy on the Park & Ride bus with the children of my friends.  It was so cool. 

I am so cool.  Dispute that at your peril …

I have a grand total of two days left at work.  It’s all rather spiffing.  I have one teaching period left.  I have eight LSA periods left.  I have to get through a night of drunken debauchery tomorrow [not the full-staff do, don’t be daft … I can’t abide those poxy things.  No, this is a night of drunken debauchery with the ladies], a pub lunch, and a silly hour or two of boredom in the staffroom on Wednesday afternoon listening to the speeches of those teachers who are leaving.  *Yawn*.  And my speech?  You expect me to make one?  Do I have to?  Humph.  Unless we escape early I believe I shall.  In which case it will be fairly simple and mundane … Thank you kindly for the delights of teaching 8** and for the opportunity to astound Young Austistic Girl with my advice and for all the times I’ve been made to do the photocopying for lazy/forgetful teachers.  May they have boring lessons forevermore.  And if I never have to watch Independence Day / The Simpsons / Friends / Insert film or cartoon name of your choice because I’m sure they’ve all been shown in lessons, again I shall be a very happy and snuggly bunny indeedy

But maybe that speech is a tad long.  I shall just make a hasty exit I think.  I don’t like goodbyes anyways.  I just like the presents and cards … *goofy and rather lopsided grin* …

please God bless my dreams tonight xxx Elsabeth


  1. I’ve never heard of Busted. It’s okay. I have a secret stash of Backstreet Boys albums. Congrats. Old job and new job ready to go. =0)

  2. I, like the others, had never heard of Busted before you mentioned them here. But I’m really not that shocked. And I think you’re cool because you’re not afraid to do what you like, teenybopper concerts or not. Yay for leaving to better pastures!

  3. Ahhhh, you should have one more day now? Schools there get out rather late. Our schools have been out since early June and I’m going to start my year on the 4th of August – criminy!I LOVE going to concerts! Mom and Dad never let me go when I was a teen, so I had to wait for the right man to come along. My most memorable was the Greatful Dead show I went to. Hours upon hours of entertainment and not all of it came from the band. The only one I didn’t enjoy was the tour that Melissa Etheridge did after she came out. I think my hubby and I were the only straight couple there. I left after someone dumped their beer on my head. Nothing like driving home for two hours smelling like beer.

  4. i haven’t been to a music fest in ages.  i don’t think they’re as fun as they used to be (that probably has to do w/my giving up hallucinogens too).  *sigh*
    teachers get the best gifts!  and summers off?  if only i were brave enough.  that’d be the perfect career!

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