je suis une lsa … choisissez-moi

Thank the Bunny Rabbits that I’m not going to the full staff party.  We have some pervy teachers who say things to other teachers, which then gets back to us and really shows how much the LSAs are appreciated by certain members of staff at school.

Suffice to say, we all wore stickers proclaiming the above statement to embarrass one of the language teachers who made a comment at lunchtime about getting drunk and pulling one of us tonight.  Like any of us would even want to anyway …

it’s the end of an era as we know it

And sometimes it never really dawns on one [posh roots] how appreciated one [posh roots] is.  Not until one [posh roots] receives oodles of presents totaling somewhere in the region of the £160 mark which is astoundingly good considering I’ve only been there for nineteen months.  I never knew I was so popular.  Sheesh. 

It was like having another birthday all over again … one bottle of red wine, one bottle of white wine, one box of Thorntons Belgian choccies, a hoooge bouquet of flowers, £70 worth of Debenhams vouchers [I shall buy something spangly for the flat], a McFly CD, a necklace, and an ickle box of coloured chalks [thank you Sam – *kissing noises*].  Appreciation is a wonderful thing.  And to think that the last school I left only bought me a poxy pot plant.  Humph. 

I shall miss plenty of people from work.  And I shall miss some of the kids.  I shall miss the bitchiness and the gossip, the rewarding smiles, the frustration, the taking of the Michael, the doughnuts on a Friday, hiding from The Sue and The Linda when I’m not wanted in a lesson … and more and more and more.  I’m sad yet happy. 

do you have any nuts?

Why do all pubs these days [town centre ones anyways] have toilets upstairs?  Do they not realise that to stagger up a lot of stairs, some steep, some twirly, is an incredibly hard feat when you’re under the influence?  Bad pubs. 

Embarrassing picture opportunity …

In order of appearance [or clockwise from top left if you prefer] … Sam [no, you do not want to know what she had just been talking about, or you do really but I’m not telling], Alison looking pensive and trying to hide, Sam & Rachel in bunches at work today – oh bless, and Rachel and Josie making fish faces in front of a camera that decided they should be orange.  Oh well. 

Ha!  Like I’d put a picture of me on my own Xanga page.  I’m not that silly.

please God bless the friendships that have developed and the joy of knowing Sam – may she forever psycho-analyse me xxx Elsabeth


  1. what’s even worse is trying to go down the stairs while intoxicated.  that’s just bad news all around. 

  2. Great pics and happy wishes for you!
    In answer to your question, I made it up.  I think it would make a rather fine children’s book…as I wrote each phrase I could see the childish picture that would accompany it!
    I’m really glad you liked it! *big cheesey grin*

  3. Congrats on the new TA position!! (not tits & arse…the teacher’s assistant position of course!)  I’ve been spending time with my family the past 2 weeks and have been missing out on everything going on.  I know exactly what you mean about pubs with the toilets upstairs…I went to quite a few like that in Ireland.  It’s even worse if there is standing room AROUND the stairs…because you are likely to see 10 pervs hanging over the railing all trying to look down shirts as women are going back downstairs and another 10 trying to look up skirts as women are going upstairs.  Answer:  said pubs MUST be owned by MEN!!!

  4. fun with name tags. I’ve started carrying around a pack of blank “Hello my name is…” stickers when I go to shows and such. One night ended with about 50 random people amongst a couple hundred wearing tags with either their name or some clever thing they decided to write instead.
    it’s really not fair to show a picture of somebody cracking up and then to point out that what she was talking about really is as good as her expression would hint at and then, finally, to refuse to say what exactly she said.
    finally… thank you for rolling with me and (a) mispelling strokes or (b) assuming that i am too smart to spell incorrectly and must, therefore, have meant stokes.
    wow. guess i’m chatty today.

  5. Oooh, such lovely friends you have! That’s a lot of loot! And you have nice looking friends, but I WOULD have liked to have seen a picture of you.

  6. Ahhh, to be loved and missed…A little part of me was hoping that one of those ladies was you but, alas, you are as secretive as I.Just noticed your quit meter. Pray tell, what have you spent your extra money on? Hopefully something nice as a reward.

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