On Wednesday a few people asked me if I was upset to be leaving work and moving away from home.  I said no, not really.  And at the time I meant it.  But that was on Wednesday.  Today is Friday.  Today I told my hairdresser that I was moving home/jobs.  And I suppose that’s when it finally started to dawn on me that this is it. 

I’m so used to be semi-dependent again.  I’m going out into the Big Bad World now.  Albeit again.  I suspect that The Mumsy is praying that I won’t be back this time.  Apart from coming here for tea and nights out with The Ladies.  I have so much to do and it’s starting to freak me out a little bit.  I need to contact my bank, my ISP, the credit card company.  I need to find a new doctor, a new dentist, a new hairdresser. 

I’ll need to make new friends.


In the pit of my belly I have some fluttering butterflies.  Part of it is nerves.  Part of it is sadness at what [friends, work, security, mumsy] I’m leaving behind.  And partly it’s excitement at beginning a new chapter in my life.

Everything that hasn’t already made it to the flat is packed.  All that is left are some knickers on the washing line, dancing in the slight breeze [gosh, tis a hot day folks] and my computer and desk.  And these can’t be packed because I’m using them.  D’oh!    

To amuse myself, and to squash the excitement/nerves/paranoia/sadness/insecurity and the silly thoughts twirling inside my head, I took some online tests.  Because we all know I like those anyways.  And besides, I have nothing else to do, woe is me. 

The Personality …

Wackiness: 86/100
Rationality: 50/100
Constructiveness: 64/100
Leadership: 34/100

You are a WECF–Wacky Emotional Constructive Follower. This makes you a candle burning at both ends. You work until you drop, and you play until you can stand to work again. You have so much enthusiasm that you can find it hard to control on your own, and you appreciate the guidance that channels your energy and lets you be your best.

says me – – – enthusiasm?  energy?  huh?

In a relationship, you require lots of attention and support. You often over-contribute and end up feeling depleted and cheated. You may benefit from more time alone than you grant yourself.

says me – – – oh yes.  must feel wanted/needed.

Your driving force is the emotional support of others–especially affection. You can run on empty for miles if you have positive energy behind you. Without it–as it occasionally must run dry–you are depressive, listless, and difficult to motivate.

says me – – – so basically i just have this need to be liked and throw tantrums if i’m not?

You need a lot of affection. Get it any way you can, but never at the cost of your self-respect or well-being.  

says me – – – oh no.  been there, done that, made the video …

The IQ …

Your general IQ score is 167.
A person whose IQ score falls in the range of 161 and above is considered to be a “genius”.

says me – – – i’m saying nothing *chuckles hysterically and suffers from belly cramps*

The Reading Skills …

You read between 350 – 400 words per minute. Well above average reading level. (The average rate is between 200 – 250 words per minute.) It is assumed that you did not skim the words nor fail to understand the meaning of what was read.

says me – – – it was about a professor and he was thinking about paint and baths and porcelain …

Sheesh, enough already.  I have better things to do with my time than the pointless quibbling of testing myself.  I know who and what I am anyways.  I know that I’m lovely and sweet, naive and paranoid, thoughtful and quirky, amazing and moody … I need no nerd on the Net to tell me so … *insert relevant emoticon here* …

please God bless the incoherent ramblings of other people xxx Elsabeth



  1. Those tests were fun! I really loved the reading speed one (300-350 – when I was younger I could read faster) and it’s always fun to get an IQ reading higher than the “official” one I had as a child.Ooooh, such exciting times, moving on, etc.

  2. we have tested within 5 IQ points of each other but still can’t spell. I know what you mean about it sounding right, though. I didn’t notice until I saw it twice.
    had my first second date with a girl in about 3 years tonight (due to a long relationship, not due to nerdiness or dorkiness or grotesque physical features… just to clarify). maybe I’ll write about it sometime.

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