You know you’ve finally been accepted by your future MIL when you’re about to leave the house and she says, oh go on, gizza kiss then, pointing to her cheek.  She’s just never been so intimate before.  But it made me feel nice, especially after feeling like she hated me after we got engaged.  Maybe I am good enough after all.

We’re all going on a summer holiday.
No more working for a week or two.
Fun and laughter on a summer holiday.
No more worries for me and you.
For a week or two.

Tomorrow myself and The Blokey are departing for foreign shores.  Well, Austria, and less of the shores, more of the Lakes.  But we get to cross the English Channel on a ferry and that excites me muchly.  The Channel Tunnel is very quick, but it’s hot and smelly, and you can’t wander round and wave at the White Cliffs and laugh at the people throwing up over the side into the sea.  Sorry, fly you say?  FlyMe?  *Laughs* … I think not.  Stuck in a tin can high in the sky with no strings holding me up?  *shudders* …

So, I must sing now [*sings appallingly badly*] … happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Cathryn/Stuart/Susannah, happy birthday to you … Cards are in the post but whether you receive them before/on/after your birthdays depends entirely on how friendly your neighbourhood post-person is.  And whether they steal cards when they think they contain money.  Not that any of these cards do contain money.  Spoilt that surprise didn’t I?  Apologies. 

I am fully aware that today is Friday.  But let’s just pretend it’s Wednesday for a few minutes because I’m in the mood for losing a few of my days.  Besides, I’m supposed to be packing and this way I don’t have to … for a few more minutes anyhoo …

01. You have opened a fast food joint that features YOUR favourite food prepared in many different forms. What would the name of your joint be? List several things that would be on the menu.
ah.  it would be called libby’s luscious leftover’s.  and on the menu would be only the finest odds and sods that you might find in the fridge.  cold mashed tatties, half tins of beans, cheese [three or four varieties, obviously], beer … mmm, yummy. 

02. You are holding a public auction for all your belongings … what is the oddest or silliest item that would be on the auction block?
a mushroom made out of wood by a wood-turner person?  a weird doll made out of scraps of material?  a mcfly cd?  some of my silly/odd items are far too embarrassing to talk about …

03. If you could buy “instant anything” what would it produce when you just add water? 
anything that you wished for.  which would then mean that you could have anything you wanted at any given time.  as long as you had some water. 

04. If it were possible to miniaturize any sort of environment and keep it in an aquarium-like enclosure, what type of environment would it be and what sort of creatures would you keep in it?
oh well, it would have to be a city wouldn’t it?  it could be any city.  and all the people would look like ickle ants and i could spend all day watching them scuttle around about their business.  and every so often i’d throw in a giant spider and watch it terrorise everybody. 

05. If you were offered a “Get Out of Jail Free” type of card today (i.e. magically fix something, get out of doing something, etc…) what would the card be for?
um.  crumbs.  i don’t know.  at this precise moment i’d be happy with a card that would allow my packing to be done magically.  ooh, or a card that could fast forward time through all the bad things in life and yet go slow when something good is happening … or at least allow you to go back and revel in the goodness of whatever good thing you wanted to re-experience.  yes.

Oh, time to go and do constructive adult things.  I’ll see you all on the tenth.  Have a wonderfully mischievous few days …

please God bless my holiday and ensure that it is fun and groovy xxx Elsabeth

and pssst … remember that i want to stalk you … show me where you live … the guestmap … to your right … poke a pin in it … not too hard now …



  1. I had a small obsession with Austria as a child, and really wanted to go there.  I don’t know why.  I still haven’t been, but would like to.  Hope you have a great time

  2. No there are worse things than a wooden mushroom! Trust me. I have many strange things!
    I’d want to grow an entire civilization of sea monkeys or miniature mermaids and mermen. They would live in a giant, wall-to-wall fish tank like at the aquarium. The “Get out of jail free” card…go to Burma, contribute plotting a Malcolm X-styled revolution, overthrow the regime and if I get arrested, I’d use up my card there.
    I loved LIFE OF PI. =0) Good reads. Good reads!

  3. Awww!!! *cries tears of happiness* You’re the first person to wish me happy birthday so far. Of course, I still have 3 days, but hey . I eagerly await your post. It takes about a week for mail from Angie (who lives in New Mexico) to arrive so I’m giving it two weeks before I start worrying. So happy for the MIL acceptance. I imagine that sort of relationship would be pretty hard by nature.If I had a fast food joint…I’m not sure what I’d serve but I have a feeling it would have tons of carbs. And what with the “no carb” craze no one would come and I’d be out of business in no time. We need to have an auction/yard sale. I couldn’t even begin to tell you the ridiculous things we have stowed away in this house.My “instant” machine would produce money by the truckloads. Your answer to number 4 is hysterical. My “get out of jail free card” would allow me to be healthy without exercising or eating right. Now that’s definitely getting out free.Have tons of fun on your trip to Austria! Take millions of photos so you can share them here!

  4. I need a “Magically Change the Cat Litter Card”  I hate changing the cat box.  I probably puke more than the English Channel ferry-riders when I have to do this.
    More importantly…I think I really need a “Get Out of Hell Free” card for all the wicked ways of my past.  haha – I’ve now reformed and am a total angel.  No, really!  Look at my blog!  lol

  5. check it out…i’ve been a bad xanga friend!  lol…didn’t even know you were going away!  well, hope you’re enjoying the lakes…
    my ‘get out of jail card’ would be a ‘be happy’ card.  so when i’m down, i just have to use it to be happy!  lol..

  6. It’s nice to be approved of isn’t it? lol. I thought Steve’s mum hated me for years, then his sister and me were chatting one day and she admitted that his mum and dad loved me and apparently had settled him which they were really happy about! Since then, I have felt more relaxed and she has been more pleasant, perhaps she was feeling my nerves around her…who knows? But its hunky dory now.I’m off on hols from the 14th-21st, so probably won’t see you on here for a bit. Have a fab hol and see you soon hon.xx

  7. P.S  –  I don’t where you get get your page titles from! Can you think of something quirky for me? please?!! I haven’t got imagination like you

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