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It’s really very tiresome to discover that a pleasant and wonderful part of your childhood is based only extremely loosely on fact.  Did I say extremely loosely?  I meant very-very-extremely-fecking-crumpets loosely.  Bah!  Dashed.  My dreams were dashed.  Bad Salzburg tour guide.  Still, you can’t always just rely on the musical versions of the truth can you?  I shall have to read the real Maria’s autobiography.  And yet, please, enjoy some images from the place where The Sound of Music was filmed … [just remember that they probably didn’t really dance around the fountain and trees and nor did they really get married at the church in Mondsee] …

Despite discovering The Awful Truth it was a truly wonderful holiday and involved lots of alcohol, swimming in the lake, people-watching, eating, walking, bowling in a pub, souvenir hunting, did I mention walking, mountains, stunning views, cobbled streets, hot weather, I did mention walking didn’t I, pointing at bears, and more alcohol.  It was fun.  Relaxing.  Spiffing.  Nice.  And apparently it was hot in England?  Yes.  Of course.  So where did all this rain come from then?  Made my suitcase wet, it did. 


And now, some of my favourite pictures from my holiday …

Very diddy are they not?  Here you are being treated to a sign in St Gilgen, some turkeys in Weyregg, and a view from a cafe in Cesky Krumlov [Czech Republic] looking up.  Obviously. 

And this is here because I love it so.  It’s a statue and the plastic sheeting-thingy covering the Opera House in Vienna because they’re doing it up and making it look prettier.  Or something.

Phew.  That’s a relief.  I almost decided not to do a post on The Holiday because I realize that many people find such things trivial/irksome/yawnifying/nose-pickingly boring and just downright naff.  But it’s something that I did and so it deserves a place on Xanga.  And if you’re really bored and want to look at more pretty pictures then you have my permission to look here.  You lucky sods.  Just pray that it works.  Or don’t.  Your choice. 

Must dash … mails to write and sleep to partake of … will play catch up soon …

please God bless the tourists who died in austria today and thank you kindly that it wasn’t me xxx Elsabeth


  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely vacation photos with us. I viewed all of them. They were lovely. That’s the advantage of living in the UK and being only a body of water away from so many holiday possibilities! Africa. The rest of Europe.

  2. Tourists died in Austria today? I really must watch more news.Lovely photos. I have not yet clicked the link to see the rest but I shall do so post haste.The last photo there is marrrrvelous. I thought it was an ickle wee statue at first because the woman was so big. But then I saw that she’s a billboard. Very nice use of perspective there.Thanks again for the Austrian card. It made me smile and giggle and all that good stuff.

  3. Your pictures are absolutely lovely! What is this “loosely” based mess? I’m scared to actually find out the truth…my whole foundation would crumble! Well perhaps not so drastic, but quite disturbing.
    I enjoy posts about vacations people take.  That way I can visit places through them that I will prolly never go myself.

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