No, not the spider pens [although they aren’t half fun], nor the coloured pencils [isn’t it a pretty flower?] but the scanner.  It’s something I’ve been wanting for a few years [since blowing up my old one] and when we went with The Blokey’s parents to look at computers over the weekend it just sat there and called out to me …

elsie, elsie – look at me sitting here surrounded by others the same – but look, i’m cheaper.  buy me, buy me, buy me, buy me …

So I couldn’t refuse. 

This brings us to the subject of money.  Hmmm.  Money.  I think that if I had three wishes one of them would be to have my own private Money Tree growing in my garden.  You’d need a PIN to use it of course.  Otherwise all the neighbour’s children would be stealing it. 

I was brought up living on the poverty line.  The Father wasn’t all that interested in forking out maintenance and Mumsy struggled along on the pittance he gave her and benefits.  Plus my grandparents were a great help.  Lovely old dears – *chuckle*.  I don’t remember it ever bothering me.  I look back now and realise that Mumsy made a huge sacrifice for us because she rarely bought herself new things, wanting instead to give us the best she could.  I don’t remember ever being jealous of my friends [I was brought up in a middle class area so they always had more than me]  and I certainly don’t remember ever hating my mum for not being able to give us what we wanted.

It’s made me very aware of a few things.  Firstly, I know that if the money ever dries up because we both lose our jobs [heaven forbid!] then we will survive.  It wouldn’t be easy but there’s a knack to knowing where to look and how to cope.  Secondly, I do spend my money like there’s no tomorrow but despite this I am still living within my means.  It’s knowing how and where to spend your money like there’s no tomorrow.  Thirdly, if I really wanted something I would never deprive myself of it – now.  This is because I know that one day we’ll have that mortgage and the 2.4 kids and I won’t be able to spend the money on myself.  All the holidays we have now, all the little knick-knacks I buy [which will probably last for yonks], all the DVDs, CDs, cinema visits, pub lunches, books, bags [heck, bags! I bought two new ones on Saturday] and collectibles are wanted and loved and many items and trips have, and will, create some fantastic memories which will last me a lifetime. 

I play the lottery [nope, can’t get used to calling it the lotto] and yet there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to win millions of pounds.  I play it because I’d like to win enough to buy a nice house outright and be set up for life in that respect, not so that my life will change.  If I did win millions it would mainly go to other people.  Having never had thousands of pounds I’d hate to suddenly be in possession of a life changing amount. 

I like my little world to be neat and orderly, to know how much money I have available to spend and how much I need to save.  And I’m lucky enough to have a Blokey who is able to help me look after my money.  Not that I wouldn’t be able to do it myself, but he does put things into perspective for me.  Bless him.

And just as an aside I’d like to point out that I’m not ashamed that I was brought up on benefits … these days the government like to make single parents work and are adept at making them feel embarrassed to be living on benefits … but for the record I would rather have had little money and my mum around, than a little extra money and hardly ever seeing my mum.  Sometimes people need to put these things into perspective …

And, in case you were wondering, The Mumsy has been working for the last fifteen years in a job that she loves … and now she gets to spend all her money on herself … sometimes the sacrifice is worth it

please God bless the person who inspired this post, even if she doesn’t want blessing xxx Elsabeth


  1. I’ve never done the Lottery and never will; it’s not that I have any moral repugnance to gambling, just that the odds are so crappy. You’d be better off throwing your money at random on the 2:45 at Haydock Park.
    I’m very Scottishly careful with my money, but I certainly try not to be grasping or miserly. So long as I am comfortable, I know I have enough.

  2. ooerr we should talk?
    I have never done the lottery, okay, maybe just the once. But I see no point either, I see it as a waste of time and money. Although if Steve wins, I shall be happy to celebrate with him of course lol.
    Anyway, Thankyou matey for the encouraging and just damned nice, positive comments you have left me regarding…you know…all that…
    I hope I can do the same for you should you ever need it

  3. I think I’d be very scared if I suddenly came into a lot of money (mostly because I don’t play the lottery, and I don’t know where else it would come from).  I’ve never had much, and when I do have it, I usually spend it.  And somehow I seem to cope very well like that.
    And bah! to the government for their chronic lack of perspective.

  4. Congratulations on your new scanner and 2 new bags!! Loads of fun, spending money on yourself, I know I love it!  But at the same time, like you said, if I were to win enormous amounts of money most of it would go to my family.  Buying them their greatest wants!

  5. I’m like you, quite a bit of my money would go to charity.  Of course the point is moot since we don’t have a lottery in my state (DON’T get me started ).
    *cough* I thought you said you were going to spend your money on an iPod *cough*

  6. You are so right on the “money” (haha – pardon the pun) with this post.  My father died when I was 7 and to support myself and my little sister, my mother went back to work full-time and worked as much overtime as they would let her work.  We had a string of live-in nannies.  One from England who tried to teach me to pronounce words in “proper” English, which resulted in me being a little kid with a REALLY strange accent as my mother is from the south and if you’ve heard a southern U.S. accent combined with my new proper English pronunciation, it was actually quite funny.  Anywho, I really wish that I could’ve been raised more by my mother and less by nannies.  It would’ve been nice to spend time with her, even if we had to move to a less nice home.  We were middle class and if we had less luxuries than those around us, I can’t name them…but if we had more than most, I couldn’t name those either.  It wasn’t a bad childhood.  My mother remarried and she had 2 more kids…and they live in a mansion compared to the house I grew up in…I wonder what they will think when they are my age about how they were brought up?

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