Guess who spent more money today?  Sheesh, anyone would think I really did have that Money Tree in my back garden.  Yesterday was pay-day though so all is well and good.  I didn’t actually leave the flat with the intention of spending money.  I left the flat with the intention of discovering the local buses and working out where I need to get off tomorrow morning so I’m not late for my first day at the new job. 

I worked it out.  Then I had 45 minutes to spare whilst waiting for the bus home.  So I went shopping. 

We’re toddling off up north on Saturday [Yorkshire, I think] for some family get-together.  So I decided that we both needed new tops for that. And I needed a new top [or two ] for work.  And then they had two t-shirts for £14 in Burton so I couldn’t resist the temptation to get them for The Blokey.  And the young chap at the till charged me the wrong amount for them.  Ha!  Well, I wasn’t going to tell him … let him suffer for his mistakes.  Silly Billy.

So tomorrow I’m supposed to be starting my new job.  I say supposed because it’s all a tad confusing.  A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from the new place of work saying that they hadn’t been able to get any references and without the references they couldn’t get my contract drawn up.  They’re so daft.  You’d think that one school would know that all other schools in the entire country are closed for the summer.  Fools.  So I gave them home phone numbers and kept my fingers and toes crossed that nobody would mind.  I was supposed to hear back.  But I didn’t.  Somewhere in my consciousness I had a vague recollection of them saying that I would start on the 2nd September. 

Today I phoned them up.  Have you heard anything about my references?  Am I supposed to come in tomorrow?  Do I have a contract yet? They don’t know.  The Deputy Head didn’t know.  The Head isn’t there.  Nobody is there.  Gosh.  Scary.  So I’ll go in anyway and see if I get any bemused looks.  I know that the kids don’t go back till late next week.  It’s very bizarre.  But it’s not your average school, so fair’s fair.

I hate starting new jobs.  Especially when there’s been such a lack of communication.  Bah!

It would be so lovely at this very moment in time if somebody rang the bell and invited me to use their time machine.  I would be able to skip forward about a week in advance and this would all be a vague memory in the recesses of my mind.  But I doubt it will happen.  Which is a shame.  But it can’t be helped. 

I have flutterings in my belly and I’m really nervous, and I do so wish that I wasn’t.  Anyone would think I was only five years old …

I want a glass of wine … mmmm, yummy. 

please God bless my dreams tonight xxx Elsabeth 

Ooh, yes Susannah, I am buying an iPod … but I didn’t want to tell everyone lest they all think I’m incredibly materialistic.  And the money is coming from “other sources” rather than my own back pocket – ssshhh.


  1. OoOoohhh, my own personal note…I feel special. I was just teasing anyway. You could have bought both with your last penny and I wouldn’t have thought less of you. I’ve done the same thing myself. As for work, I’m sure they’re just disorganized. I’ve worked in places like that. You’ll be fine.

  2. Good luck with your job, I’m sure everything will work out.  As for praying, it provides a sort of comfort for most people.  And finacially speaking, a few months ago I was adding up expenses and what not and realized that I wasn’t going to have enough for the month to cover bills and such.  Well I prayed about it (and no not that God would give me a money tree, but I prayed about trusting God and that I wouldn’t worry) Well a couple of days later I recieved a reimbursement check from work for a conference I had attended.  That to me was God answering my prayer!
    Whoops sorry to write so much, just wanted to share! *prayers for you and your new job* and *hugs back at ya*

  3. I am one of those people who always needs a different top or wotnot for some occasion.
    “But you have plenty of tops in the wardrobe” he tells me.
    “But they are not right for the occasion!” I tell him.
    “what about that top?” he points out? 
    “I haven’t got anything that goes with it obviously!!” I yell.
    So off I tootle. *heaves a contented sigh*
    Huge good luck for tomorrow. I hope it’s the right day! (fingers are crossed)…and…how silly of them also. You should start tomorrow. After all It’s not your fault that they didn’t get the references in time before school broke up (grrr!)
    I’ll think of you in the morning Let us know how it goes.

  4. that profile pic is just too delishisly naughty.
    good luck with the first day of the new job (if it actually happens).
    I, too, have far too green a thumb when it comes to that money tree.

  5. And by the way…am EXTREMELY jealous that you get to visit Yorkshire whenever you want.  If real life is anything like the pictures/films (which are devastatingly beautiful) I could spend my entire life there.
    Ooooh, please bring pictures to share with the Xanga class so I can live vicariously!!

  6. good luck for your work ^_^
    btw, the song i’ve paste in my site is “The Reason” by Hoobastank… great song.. i never grow tired of listenin to it….. awesome….

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