Dear Liz, 

The only good thing about inset days (apart from the fact that we now get paid for them) is that I always feel the need to walk home to empty my head of the crap thats filled it in the previous 8 hours. Once home I naturally feel quite exhausted, and I have to make my way to the fridge for an ice cold lager to refresh myself. After cooking dinner I then reward myself with a nice bottle of vin rouge and try to think of something I’ve learnt during the day but also try to remember at least one of the names of our delinquent year 7’s that will be embracing S**** in the coming hours.
In fact, I can truely say my highlight is always the lunch, and those triangular-cut sandwiches are taken to a new level…

This is part of an e-mail that I received last night from Sam.  My, I do miss her.  And them.  And being at that school.  I want those triangular-cut sandwiches back again! 

I was expected in at the new place.  I went.  I saw.  I met people.  I felt a stab of unhappiness that it doesn’t yet feel like my place of work, and won’t do for a fair few weeks.  But the Head gave me a lift home, which was rather sporting of her.  And we play with WordArt and I hear all the horror stories about the nippers.  I look at the folk there and I ponder over whether any of them will become my friends.  I don’t object when they all call me Liz.  Nobody asked, and because it’s on the computer and labelling my pigeon-hole I daren’t tell anyone that it’s Elizabeth, NOT Liz.  Assertiveness?  Not today. 

Tomorrow I’m being inducted.  I feel as though I’m joining a Masonic Lodge.  Or becoming a Stepford Wife.  I wish it was tomorrow night.  I need a cup of tea …

please God no blessing of the people who call me Liz xxx Elsabeth

NB: But please note that I let Sam call me Liz.  This is because she’s studying for a Psychology degree with the OU, and also because she scares me.  I forgive her on both counts.


  1. I hate first days. It always takes a few weeks to really fit in and get to know everything and everyone.
    Where do they get this ‘thing’ which makes them call you Liz? My boss and fellow teachers call me Lynsey and the people I have got to know personally know that I am just Lyns. Calling you Liz for short seems such a personal thing, like they’ve known you for a long time and are comfortable with you. I find it strange. My neighbour is Marina and I have noticed that most call her Nina, I would not dream of calling her that and do not feel comfortable doing so. I don’t know why, its just I don’t know her well enough to refer to her as that. Who knows, maybe it pisses her off that people call her Nina?
    Anyhoo, you did it and survived
    I sincerely hope you will be happy at this new school.

  2. Hmmm… reading your blog, I can’t decide whether or not I’m happy not going back to school this year. I don’t know, a mere 2 years have taken it out of me? That can’t be right! (Or is that what comes from starting teaching in Hull? ;) )It feels good to have downtime, and I’m sure I’ll be ready before I know it and applying to jobs all over Canada instead of the UK. The change in curriculum will do me good!

  3. First days are awful.  But you’ll become accustomed to everything in no time.
    I’m still trying to figure out what exactly the year 7’s will be embracing.  If it’s a thing, I’m not so worried.  If it’s a person…I think we might need to call the cops.

  4. ah yes … I’m still feeling the same way.  Even though I did my practice at my school, I still feel that I’m not quite ‘there’ … I don’t quite have what it takes to be anyone’s friend yet.  I haven’t been ‘through the wringer’ with them yet.  There’s also a lot of childish backstabbing which drives me mad too.
    RYN: I think I am a bit mad, but if we use some of the G&T kids they’ll pretty much run it themselves anyway!

  5. I’m glad you made it through!  It is odd that they are already referring to you as Liz.  It does seem more personal to use nicknames and should therefore, be reserved for friends.  But I would be the same way and not correct anyone- assertiveness- ha what’s that?!

  6. I figure I might squirm just as uncomfortably when someone calls me “Kel” – I hate that…I wish I had a long, pretty name with a million and one different variations on it to choose from.  However, I think my mother smoked too much weed in the 70’s and watched too much Charlie’s Angels – one of which she named me after.  No wonder I like to dress in thigh high boots and pop around corners with guns and leer sexily while doing so…It’s all in the name.  haha

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