Gosh, I’d forgotten what a novelty it is getting up at seven in the morning.  It just makes the day seem so incredibly long. 

Change of subject … I just booked tickets to see the Manics in December.  Yay!  It’s been ten years since I last saw them.  Which makes me feel so old.  At the moment Jack Dee Live At The Apollo is on the telly.  Ah, I love him.  I first saw him on the tellybox when I was about fifteen.  He made my heart melt with his dry wit.  Then I saw him live in Sunderland in 1992.  Crumbs.  Getting on a bit aren’t I?  I made him smile when I “bumped” into him at the stage door after the show.  I’m rather honoured that I made him smile.  It’s quite a feat bearing in mind he’s not renowned for smiling when he performs.  Which reminds me that it’s also twelve years since I shared a drink with Bjorn Again.  And about eight years since I had to help Ronnie O’Sullivan take the lid off a pen outside the bookies.  Ah, I tell you all this purely because it seems that the older I get the less exciting my life becomes.  And also I get to indulge in some memories. 

Not that my life isn’t exciting.  It does have its moments.  Like dreaming of tomorrow night when I can settle down with the ironing that I’ve been putting on hold for a fair few days now.  I should probably do some dusting too … Ooh, and maybe I’ll get to play with the vacuum cleaner.

At the weekend I got to meet some distant relatives of The Blokey.  His mother decided that she would dwell loudly on the fact that she longs to become a grandmother.  All her friends are grandmother’s.  She feels left out.  Poor soul.  She may have to wait a couple of years.  I wonder if she’ll mention it ALL the time now … Bah!  And sorry Susie … I forgot to take pictures of the Yorkshire Dales.  But the view from the rich relatives back patio was rather gorgeous.  Too quiet though.  You get werewolves and everything up there … I’ll take the odd street light and sign of civilisation any day. 

Ah, time for bed said Zebedee.  And all too soon it will be time to get up and toddle off to work – again.  Crumpets.

please God bless the bus driver who forgets to stop the bus at the stop even though i pressed the buzzer bell xxx Elsabeth



  1. Wow!!!  You did lead an exciting life then, eh?  I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone famous.  I saw Hillary Duff from a distance, but she doesn’t count (haha).  I saw President Ronald Reagan from a distance, too.  That’s been about it.
    When grandmother starts griping about not having any grandchildren, it’s time to adopt a pet and dress it in baby clothes to send to her so she doesn’t feel left out. 

  2. Oh I like Jack Dee, I’d go as far to say that he’s quite fanciable. Mmmm…
    Are you getting excited about doing some domestic duties? Are you quite mad?


  3. Getting up at seven every day is a novelty for me too, having just spent three years sleeping in till roughly midday every day.
    My proudest moment was meeting Rolf Harris – twice, no less!  Hmm…should’ve kept that to myself.

  4. *shakes finger and smiles* Shame on you, not taking any pictures.
    Ahh well. Next time.
    The only “famous” person I’ve ever met was a local weatherman.  And I didn’t really meet him, he breezed past me on his way to his car.  He was already gone by the time I realized who he was.
    Bah to “peer” pressure.  You’ll have babies when you’re ready.

  5. Was it a particualrly big pen you had to help Ronnie O’Sullivan with?
    Ah the Manics.  Last time I saw them was their first ever gig as a 3 piece after Richey left/vanished whatever you want to call it, supporting the Stone Roses….blimey that was a long time ago!

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