There are plenty of disadvantages to using public transport.  But there are also some very interesting advantages.  One such advantage is that curious people like me get to listen to the conversations of other people.  This isn’t entirely deliberate.  It’s eight in the morning, most people travel alone on the bus and besides, everybody is far too tired and sleepy to be making delightful and absorbing conversation.  And some people just talk too loudly.  It’s hardly surprising that I’m forced to be a part of their natterings really. 

I enjoy listening to other folk because it allows me an insight into the daily lives of total strangers, and also because it gives me the opportunity to quit my daydreaming for a while.  And daydreaming constantly can get rather boring.

I don’t like talking on public transport.  I am very aware that other people will listen in.  I don’t want to sound stupid to strangers when I make some ridiculous comment.  And I have nothing to brag about.  Not like the young woman who has a two year old and he has a double bed and a 28″ screen tellybox of his very own.  Oh, and his own X-Box.  Eh?  He’s two!  What does he need all that for?  I pity the day [in about fourteen years, maybe less] when she wakes up one morning to discover that she’s created a spoilt monster of a young man.  What’s the fun in me talking when I can chuckle at the ramblings of others?

Gosh,  maybe I just enjoy being inquisitive. 

It’s Wednesday.  Later I’m off to watch Stage Beauty [expect damp pants …] but in the meantime I’m all set for some seriously soul destroying humping

01. Can you remember where you were in life ten years ago? If you could travel back in time and whisper something to yourself ten years ago, what would it be?

Ten years?  Blimey.  I was about to embark on my third year at university.  I had been seeing a ginger haired chap for sixteen months and was not to know that the relationship was doomed to last only another eight months.  I smoked a lot, drank a lot and did very little studying.  I wasn’t particularly happy though.  If I could go back and whisper something to myself it would probably be along the lines of, “… dump him before he cheats on you, then enjoy yourself and keep enjoying yourself until the day that Simon chats you up in the library … you’ll save yourself lots of abusive heartache along the way … and phone your mum more … and never let anyone distance you from your friends … “

02. You inherit a large piece of land and decide to build a theme park a la Disneyland, Sea World, etc.) What would you name your theme park and what would your mascot be?

The World of Cheese.  My mascot would have to be a cat or a mouse.  Ah, the choices!

03. Okay, let’s have it! What’s the craziest, most impulsive thing you’ve ever done. Remember, we have insane youngsters amongst us so if it’s risque, clean it up.. *wink*

I have never participated in anything crazy or impulsive.  Ever.  I’m just not an impulsive and crazy person.  [Do one-night stands count?]  Anything I’ve ever done that might be considered impulsive has probably been the result of alcohol or other substances.  How naffily boredom inducing is that? 

04. We all have them … bad days. If you were having a bad day what or whom would you turn to for comfort?

My Mumsy.  The Blokey would be second choice.  Not because he doesn’t comfort me when I want him to but because I’m a little girl at heart and when feeling vulnerable it’s my mummy who can protect me.  Bizarre.  As a teenager it was my cat, Tom.  We got Tom when I was almost seven.  He was able to wake me up when he wanted to be let out, he could open the fridge, he used the bathroom [almost] properly whenever he couldn’t get outside to do his business and, best of all, he always knew when I was upset and he would come and cuddle me.  Bless him.  It will be four years next month since he passed away.  He was nineteen.  I miss him …

05. According to the song White Rabbit, “one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small”. If you were offered these pills today, which pill would you take and why?

The blue one.  Please.  I don’t want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Or failing that it would be the one that makes me small.  It would be a lot more fun to live like a Borrower and have adventures with giant cats and live on crumbs that people have dropped on the floor.  What a feast! 

For some wacky reason my fingers and hands are incredibly dry.  They’re so dry that my skin is splitting.  Ouch.  I must buy some handcream.  I’ve never suffered from dry skin before.  It must be something in the water …

please God bless my pussy xxx Elsabeth

pssst … i ordered my iPod.  i’ve decided i want a mini one.  hurrah!  it’s pink …


  1. We actually went on a bus the other day, the first time for years – because my car was being fixed at the time. I really enjoyed it and Dan thought it was great fun!
    A 2 year old with a 28″ tv, double bed and an x-box? Blimey he’s got more than me! Quite gobsmacked by that. And can he actually use the x-box as well? I shouldn’t think so. I can’t see them doing x-box teletubby games…
    You naughty girl, I want a pink ipod.
    Have fun dearest!

  2. I enjoy others conversations too.  The ones that are the most fun are ones across dressing room doors. 
    mmmm…cheese! I’m not very impulsive and think I’m actually a rather boring person.  Oh well…
    Try Cocoa butter, its supposed to be great for dry skin.

  3. A two year old with its own X-box? Can two-year-olds even play X-box? I thought they were still rolling around, crawling from lack of coordination skills at that age.

  4. I’ll be getting a mini as well…only blue, of course.   I considered pink for a bit because I’m slowly coming to love it (I previously hated it due to the stigma it’s come to have) but I decided I just HAVE to go with blue.  It’s me.
    I HATE having conversations in public because I know people are listening.  It’s one of the ways my paranoia shows itself.  Standing in a queue, sitting outside the drive-thru, walking around a mall.  It doesn’t matter, people are listening.
    Let me see, ten years ago I was 13.  Oooh, what WOULDN’T I tell myself?  That was just before I met a certain person.  I’m not sure if I’d tell myself to stay away from him but I know I’d do things differently.  Not to mention some other things but that’s too much to go into in a comment.

  5. How the hell does a 2 year old use an Xbox?  Their controllers are big in adult hands!
    But people watching, and listening of course, are always good – my dislike of public transport comes from always being the one the crazy person sits next to…
    OOOOOHHHm ipod jealousy alert….mewantsone…

  6. May I recommend the pink (seeing as your Pod’s pink) Vaseline hand and nail cream… works a treat, superb stuff (that or the slightly greasier Neutragena stuff which is better in winter).
    I love bus-conversations.  Whilst I’m a driver, I do use public transport when forced.
    RYN: We have two cars simply because, well, we do.  When I was living in Sheffield and she was in Bristol… well, it wasn’t convenient.  Now it is, and that’s exactly what we’re doing – downsizing to the one car.  We do work in opposite directions, but often as Sarah has free parking she drives and drops me off at the bus stop (hence my daily bus journeys).
    Oh, and as for the World Of Cheese… can I have a season pass please???

  7. lol… I love the Wednesday Mind Humps, I do…you always have such interesting questions…Where on earth do you get them?  And yes…me, with my pervert mind, could not think of a good pervert text to put on the picture…I think something is wrong with me…but I guess the fact that he will be on his way home any time now is what’s got me all bubbling with excitement and acting stupid and doing/saying stupid things!

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